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"Great Bouguereau 2010 30x24" by Leonardo G. Zhang - Reduced
Great Bouguereau 2010 30x24 Original Painting by Leonardo G. Zhang
Great Bouguereau 2010 30x24 Original Painting by Leonardo G. Zhang - 0

Leonardo G. Zhang

"Great Bouguereau 2010 30x24"

Hand Signed : Lower left
Condition : Excellent
Framed without Glass
Purchased from : Dealer 2009
Provenance / History : United Staes
Story / Additional Info : Private collection.
Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
LID : 40693
Leonardo G. Zhang - United Kingdom

Art Brokerage: Leonardo G. Zhang received his education at the Glasgow University in Scotland for fine art with an emphasis on interior design. After graduation, he quickly became a successful interior designer. While working as an interior designer, he developed his love for interior painting to cityscape, landscape and still life painting. He has widely exhibited in the United Kingdom and other European countries including Austria, France, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Norway, and Switzerland. Leonardo G. Zhang's distinctive painting style has created a high demand for his works, attracting high-profile collectors such as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who now owns several of his paintings. Leonardo G. Zhang is one of the highly influential artists in Fantasy and Surrealism style paintings. Under the influence of Rembrandt and Dali, Leonardo G. Zhang has merged realism and surrealism painting styles and developed the unique style of Realistic Fantasy. His Realistic Fantasy style blurs the boundary between fantasy and reality by making fantasy extremely realistic. He believes that an artist's unique responsibility is not to simply recreate the reality, but to artistically construct an inspiring reality that is above and beyond the existing reality seen. With expressive use of rich primary colors, Leonardo G. Zhang has created an exceptional style that is visually pleasing, undeniably unique, and has tremendous universal appeal. His precise lines and perfectly smooth colors make each of his paintings a flawless masterpiece. Leonardo G. Zhang's Realistic Fantasy painting has the power to take your mind to a higher level of serenity and relaxation.