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"On the Way to Taos AP 2014 Aluminum" by Les Mayers - Artist Proof $3,800
On the Way to Taos AP 2014 Aluminum Limited Edition Print by Les Mayers
On the Way to Taos AP 2014 Aluminum Limited Edition Print by Les Mayers - 0
On the Way to Taos AP 2014 Aluminum Limited Edition Print by Les Mayers - 1

Les Mayers

"On the Way to Taos AP 2014 Aluminum"

Hand Signed : Hand Signed And Numbered By the Artist on the Back
Condition : Mint
Not Framed
Purchased from : Private Collector 2014
Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
LID : 76970
Les Mayers - United States

Art Brokerage: Les Mayers American Artist: His art has been featured in numerous public and private art exhibits from coast to coast, throughout the United States. His current work blurs the line between impressionistic art and photography by combining his training in traditional fine art, passion for photography and the latest advances in digital technology. Most pieces originate as either a hand-drawn concept sketch or a digital image, and evolve through a series of innovative techniques, created and honed by the artist. He classifies his art as mixed media digital impressionism. Mr. Mayers strongly believes that current advances in technology represent a natural progression in the way art will be created and produced in the future. This becomes increasingly apparent when you consider that the traditional art brushes and oil paints used by contemporary artists were, at one point in time, major advances in technology. Les presents most of his intensely colorful art on innovative new substrates such as milled metal and various types of plastics and fabrics. However, many of his works are also available as traditional oil paintings on canvas or fine art prints that utilize archival quality inks on various museum grade substrates. Other advanced methods of display include digital panel display boards, digital projection and full-sized digital outdoor billboards. The images on some of his current works actually morph colors and appearances over time. His final completed works are not limited in size, shape or material.