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" Miracle in the Desert PP 2008 " by Malcolm Farley - Must Sell $1,500
 Miracle in the Desert PP 2008  Limited Edition Print by Malcolm Farley
 Miracle in the Desert PP 2008  Limited Edition Print by Malcolm Farley  - 0
 Miracle in the Desert PP 2008  Limited Edition Print by Malcolm Farley  - 1

Malcolm Farley

" Miracle in the Desert PP 2008 "

Hand Signed : Malcolm Farley
Condition : Excellent
Not Framed
Purchased from : Publisher 2014
Provenance / History : Soho Edition
Certificate of Authenticity : Soho Edition
LID : 105814
Malcolm Farley - United States

Art Brokerage: Malcolm Farley American Artist: Malcolm Farley obtained his bachelor of Fine Arts from Metropolitan State College in Denver. After receiving various collegiate awards and being introduced into his college's Hall of Fame, Malcolm chose the path of commercial artist, becoming a connoisseur of many styles. It was in this period that he experimented with numerous mediums, arriving at his intoxicating palette and imagery. Today, his reputation as one of the true modern master painters, he holds company with just a handful. He is frequently interviewed in print and on television as "America's Premiere Sports and Entertainment Artist", a title that is enhanced by his warm personality and visionary outlook on life. His numerous successes have included various Olympics, Academy Award festivities and an ongoing presence in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. In the last five years alone Malcolm has painted live at the US Open, Super Bowls, The World Series, PGA Events, Staley Cups Championships, and the All-Star games for the National Basketball Association. In addition, he has painted live on stage for the likes of Mikhail Gorbachev and for musicians such as B.B. King, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, David Sanborn, and Carlos Santana, and was commissioned to paint the Sopranos Cast party. He has created marine and wildlife paintings for distinguished museums and aquariums. This World Class Artist is also a well-known philanthropist who has created memorable art and tile walls for Children's foundations, hospitals, sporting event centers and libraries across the country. Since his talent is so diverse and unique, Malcolm Farley is also the most sought-after modern day artist to be booked into live painting performances for CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox Sports, The Fox and Friends Morning Show, ESPN, Cold Pizza, and the USA Network. Listings wanted.