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"Orchid on Parchment" by Marc Van Krinkelveldt - Price on Request Firm

Orchid on Parchment



Marc Van Krinkelveldt

Original Painting
Colored Indian Ink Dots on 1530 French Parchment

Size: 13.5 x 10.5 in  |  34 x 27 cm

Hand Signed : Bottom right
Condition: Excellent
Framed with Glass
Provenance : Purchased from artist.
Certificate of Authenticity : Provided by Artist
Marc Van Krinkelveldt

Art Brokerage: Marc Van Krinkelveldt Belgian Artist: b. 1944. Marc Van Krinkelveldt, fascinated by the glass display cabinets and galleries in the former Natural Sciences Museum, was interested in drawing from a very young age. His thoughts were constantly absorbed in the scientific presentation of natural discoveries by graphical means. This however, did not lead him to study at the School of Fine Arts. The offspring of an entrepreneurial family, he did business studies and followed a career in this field. This in no way diminished his interest in art and his curiosity about primitive or ethnic art. Marc discovered these among the merchants who worked around Sablon, the hub of ethnic arts at that time. He uses the technique of pointillism, applying small distinct dots of pure color. This technique was developed by George Seurat and later used by artists like Paul Signac, Camille Pissaro and Vincent Van Gogh. Whereas painters traditionally blend the basic colors to obtain the right hue, pointillists will juxtapose the tiny dots of different colors to create a bright result of color, depth and hue. Marc's hyper-pointillism is the same technique, applying even smaller dots with a pen and colored India ink. This is an immensely intensive and time consuming process, as the colored dots are placed on several layers, spread and proportioned the right way to achieve the astonishing result you can see. Marc's work includes paintings, bronze sculpture, jewelry and masks. His work is well represented in the art collections of the royal families of Monaco, Japan and Belgium, of Michael Jackson and jazz virtuoso Toots Thielemans. Marc invented the Hyper Tactile Colour code alowing the visually impaired to experience colors. Combining parts and patterns, Marc's creations can be unsettling or surprising - but they all point to nature's endless marvels and magnificence. Listings wanted.

  • Original Painting
    Colored Indian Ink Dots 1530 French Parchment

    Price on Request Firm