"Piano Blues - Profile De Femme 1989" by Max Papart - Carborundum Etching $2,200
Piano Blues - Profile De Femme 1989 Limited Edition Print by Max Papart
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Piano Blues - Profile De Femme 1989 Limited Edition Print by Max Papart - 0
Piano Blues - Profile De Femme 1989 Limited Edition Print by Max Papart - 1
Piano Blues - Profile De Femme 1989 Limited Edition Print by Max Papart - 2
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Piano Blues - Profile De Femme 1989 Limited Edition Print by Max Papart - 4
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Max Papart

Piano Blues - Profile De Femme 1989

Limited Edition Print : Carborundum Etching Printed With Hand Painted Details And Collage.
Size : 29.13x44.09 in  |  74x112 cm
Edition : From the edition of 95

Motivated Seller Reduced
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Hand SignedLower Right in Pencil. 

Condition Excellent 

Not Framed 

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Max Papart - France

Art Brokerage: Max Papart French Artist: b. 1911-1994. Max Papart's paintings and graphics are suffused with the sunny humor and bright colors of the French Riviera, where he was born in 1911. Working in a Cubist style, Max Papart depicts circus scenes, flirting couples, soaring birds, and similar cheerful subjects with flat, overlapping planes of contrasting colors and textures which suggest many levels of depth. Often he also achieves what has been called a "time window" effect, through which the viewer sen'sses the past or future. This is not to say that Max Papart is simply a purveyor of superficial entertainment. For all their decorative gaiety, Papart works also force the viewer to think. As the noted critic André Parinaud put it, "We are going to rediscover Max Papart as one of the masters of the second cubist generation. Original paintings wanted.

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Wanted: Max Papart

Original OilsOriginal Painting: Canvas


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