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"Golden Moon Dust 1993 36x36" by Michael David Ward - $4,000 Fabulous and Well Priced

Golden Moon Dust 1993 36x36



Michael David Ward

Original Painting
Reverse Glass Painting

Size: 36 x 36 in  |  91 x 91 cm

Framed: 1 x 1 in  |  3 x 3 cm

Hand Signed : Painted, Lower Right Hand Corner
Condition: Excellent
Other Frame : Metal Banding
Purchased from : Auction House 1993
Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
Michael David Ward

Art Brokerage: Michael David Ward Japanese-American Artist: Michael derives much of his inspiration from an ongoing need for adventure. As a scuba diver, hang glider pilot and hiker, Michael has had the opportunity to amass a great deal of first hand experience to draw from. According to Michael, the ultimate entertainment can be enjoyed from the world and universe we live in. And through his art, he wishes to capture and convey the feelings and sense of wonder that reality evokes. For him, to live a fulfilling life is to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us everyday and hopefully paint that magic into his art.Michael David Ward was born in 1958. Michael's paintings are collected worldwide. He has exhibited his art in galleries and exhibitions all over the United States, Europe, and Japan. His paintings and limited-edition prints are in the collection of such notables as Gene Roddenberry (creator of Star Trek), George Lucas (creator of StarWars), Leonard Nimoy, Nichelle Nichols, Jonathan Frakes, and numerous other actors and businesses.Michael has also created many commemorative images for Paramount Studios, Lucas Arts, and New Line Cinemas. His works of art have also been licensed by companies such as The Franklin Mint, Hamilton Collections, Pomegranate Books, etc for a variety of products such as collector plates, greeting cards, calendars, posters and prints, puzzles, and even neck ties. Some of Michael's images have been seen on television shows such as the "Third Rock from the Sun,"Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special" and the Star Trek documentary "Trekkies." Listings wanted.

  • Original Painting
    Mixed Media on Reverse-Glass

    New Listing
  • Original Painting
    Reverse Glass Painting

    price on request Make Offer
  • Limited Edition Print

    Price on Request OBO
  • Limited Edition Print

    $2,300 Just Reduced - New Listing
  • Original Painting
    Reverse Glass Painting

    $4,000 Just Reduced