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"Taurus Bronze Sculpture 2015 15 in" by Nguyen Tuan - Well Priced Bronze Sculpture $3,995
Taurus Bronze Sculpture 2015 15 in Sculpture by Nguyen Tuan
Taurus Bronze Sculpture 2015 15 in Sculpture by Nguyen Tuan - 0
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Nguyen Tuan

"Taurus Bronze Sculpture 2015 15 in"

Hand SignedLower Right 
Condition Excellent 
Purchased fromArtist 2015 
Story / Additional InfoTaurus

The ancient Greek tale of Zeus disguising himself as a while bull in order to gain the favor of the goddess Europa provided N.Tuan with inspiration for this sculptural interpretation of the story of the “white Bull”. The Greeks imagined the constellation Taurus to be the manifestation of the bull in the late spring sky.

With an eye for detail and his unique imaginative slant, N.Tuan has chosen to feature the sensual and reflective Europa resting on the back of the “White Bull”.

The sphere upon which the bull and his muse rest is representative of the Planet Venus and, in an astrological nod to Taurus, is encircled by the element Earth.
Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 
Nguyen Tuan

Art Brokerage: Tuan Nguyen Vietnamese Artist: b. 1963. Born in Vietnam in 1963, Tuan experienced the fall of Saigon in 1975, he left the camp and fled to the United States where he became captivated with sculpting. In 1995, Tuan Nguyen received his fine art degree from the Art Institute of Southern California in Laguna Beach, CA. Tuan Nguyen has received the Gloria Medal from the National Sculpture Society (New York), a medal designed by C. Paul Jennewein and bestowed upon a young artist in Jennewein's memory for a meritorious body of work as determined by the luminary board of the Society. He has been exhibited throughout Southern California and has been commissioned for a number of public and private works, including a memorial bust for the Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable Foundation in 1997. To experience the bronze figurative sculpture of Vietnamese artist, Tuan Nguyen, however, is to experience the defiance of the nature of bronze sculpture. Tuan glorifies the beauty of the human form with masterful precision. However, the true uniqueness of his style is not in the physical expression of human beauty, but in his ability to infuse physical "mass" with an almost divine sense of weightlessness. Tuan Nguyen infuses his sculpture with a celestial beauty that carries his human forms beyond earthly existence and into the realm of the heavenly in a quiet celebration of life. Though cast in bronze, his forms appear to be magically suspended like angels on the wing. Listings wanted