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"Portrait of a Friend 2011 47x47" by Nico Vrielink - 🔥Huge Oil on Canvas - Inquire $9,995
Portrait of a Friend 2011 47x47 Original Painting by Nico Vrielink
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Portrait of a Friend 2011 47x47 Original Painting by Nico Vrielink - 0
Portrait of a Friend 2011 47x47 Original Painting by Nico Vrielink - 1

Portrait of a Friend 2011 47x47

Nico Vrielink

Original Painting : Oil on Canvas
Size : 47.24x47.24 in  |  120x120 cm

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Hand SignedLower Left 

Condition Excellent 

Not Framed 

Purchased fromPrivate Collector 2011 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Nico Vrielink - Netherlands

Art Brokerage: Nico Vrielink Dutch Artist: We can arrange a private commission for you. Nico Vrielink was born in 1958 in Reusel in the south part of the Netherlands. Vrielink was educated at an Academie of Art in Belgium to become a teacher. But teaching wasn't Vrielink's cup of tea and since 1984 he working as an artist. A year later, in 1985 Nico met his wife Jeane in Singapore. It was love at first sight and since the day Nico Vrielink started painting her he never stopped doing so. By this time Nico has made more than 4000 paintings of Jeane. If there is just one artist whose work can be linked to a muse, Nico Vrielink is far the most outstanding candidate. All over the world, the thousands of portraits Nico Vrielink has painted of his muse illuminate many hundreds of private homes, institutions, galleries and museums. Her name is Jeane Seah and for decades she has been the love of Nico Vrielink's life, his source of inspiration, his companion, shining light, lover, wife and guide. Throughout the years Nico Vrielink, a great natural talent, has proven his ability in one-subject paintings, with and through Jeane. He would not have wanted it any other way. Nico Vrielink's themes are inspired by the rock-solid impact of her immense spiritual strength. Over the past decades Vrielink and his Jeane have explored the world thoroughly and lived in many different places, from appartments, farms, villa's till casttles. From The Netherlands, Belgium, France till Indonesia. A restless nature easily becomes enthusiastic, and Vrielink's enthusiasm has to be indulged, preferably immediatly. Nico Vrielink regards the world as his working territory. He is working on his 9th book. Art Brokerage can arrange a private commission of your signigicant other.

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