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" Peintres Au Champs: Une Dejeuner Sur L'herbe Impressioniste, B1808 1968" by Pablo Picasso - Just Reduced

Peintres Au Champs: Une Dejeuner Sur L'herbe Impressioniste, B1808 1968



Pablo Picasso

Limited Edition Print
Sugar Lift Aquatint With Grease on Copper

Size: 16.06296 x 12.91336 in  |  41 x 33 cm

Edition: From the Edition of 50

Hand Signed : Signed By the Artist in Pencil.
Condition: Excellent
Purchased from : Dealer 2014
Provenance : Publisher: Gallerie Louis Leiris Gallery, Paris, FrancenPrinted by : Crommelynck Freres, Paris. 21st September 1968, Mouguin. References: Georges Bloch Catalogue of the Graphic work 1966 -1969, Volume 2 Number 1808
Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
Pablo Picasso

Art Brokerage: Pablo Picasso Spanish Artist: b. 1881-1973 - We have clients for major Picasso paintings. Spanish Artist Pablo Picasso is widely acknowledged to be the most important artist of the 20th century. A long-lived and highly prolific artist, he experimented with a wide range of styles and themes throughout his career. Among Picasso's many contributions to the history of art, his most important include pioneering the modern art movement called cubism, inventing collage as an artistic technique, and developing assemblage (constructions of various materials) in sculpture. Because of his many innovations, Picasso is widely considered to be the most influential artist of the 20th century. The cubist movement, which he and Braque inspired, had a number of followers. Its' innovations gave rise to a host of other 20th-century art movements, including futurism in Italy, suprematism and constructivism in Russia, de Stijl in the Netherlands, and vorticism in England. Cubism also influenced German expressionism, dada, and other movements as well as early work of the surrealists and abstract expressionists. In addition, collage and construction became key aspects of 20th-century art. We accept works from the Marina Picasso estate. Please do not list any plate signed prints, or posters, no scarves. All work listed should have provenance (history of ownership) and authentication documents from a recognized source. Our #1 artist! We need Picassos to sell.

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    Etching (Intaglio)

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  • Limited Edition Print
    Linocut in Black And Brown on Arches Paper

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