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"Untitled (Portrait of a Woman) Watercolor 16x22" by Pat Buckley Moss - 🔥Framed Watercolor - A Steal - Inquire - 4 Watchers
Untitled (Portrait of a Woman) Watercolor 16x22 Watercolor by Pat Buckley Moss
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Untitled (Portrait of a Woman) Watercolor 16x22 Watercolor by Pat Buckley Moss - 0
Untitled (Portrait of a Woman) Watercolor 16x22 Watercolor by Pat Buckley Moss - 1
Untitled (Portrait of a Woman) Watercolor 16x22 Watercolor by Pat Buckley Moss - 2
Untitled (Portrait of a Woman) Watercolor 16x22 Watercolor by Pat Buckley Moss - 3
Untitled (Portrait of a Woman) Watercolor 16x22 Watercolor by Pat Buckley Moss - 4
Untitled (Portrait of a Woman) Watercolor 16x22 Watercolor by Pat Buckley Moss - 5
Untitled (Portrait of a Woman) Watercolor 16x22 Watercolor by Pat Buckley Moss - 6
Untitled (Portrait of a Woman) Watercolor 16x22 Watercolor by Pat Buckley Moss - 7
Untitled (Portrait of a Woman) Watercolor 16x22 Watercolor by Pat Buckley Moss - 8
Untitled (Portrait of a Woman) Watercolor 16x22 Watercolor by Pat Buckley Moss - 9

Untitled (Portrait of a Woman) Watercolor 16x22

Pat Buckley Moss

Watercolor : Watercolor on Paper
Size : 10x16 in  |  25x41 cm
Framed : 16.5x22.75 in  |  42x58 cm

3 watchers
Motivated Seller Reduced
Listing Info
Artist Bio

Hand SignedLower Right Probably With Watercolor 

Condition Excellent 

Framed with GlassWood / Maple Frame 

Purchased fromArtist 1977 

Story / Additional InfoOriginal owner. 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Pat Buckley Moss - United States

Art Brokerage: Patricia Buckley Moss American Artist: b. 1933. Patricia Buckley Moss was born on May 20th, 1933, in the Richmond Borough of New York City. Pat was the second of three children of an Irish American/Sicilian marriage. In grade school, young Patricia was perceived as a poor student, a circumstance probably attributable to dyslexia which is a generally misunderstood reading and perceptional "disorder". Nonetheless, one of her teachers determined that this little girl who was "Not Proficient In Anything" was artistically gifted. This outside opinion helped to convince Pat's mother to enroll her daughter in an extraordinary public school for girls in downtown Manhattan: the Washington Irving High School for the Fine Arts. It was there, in what obviously was a friendly learning environment, that Pat's artistic abilities were finally encouraged and seriously nourished. Please list original paintings only for Pat Buckley Moss. We no longer accept print listings for this artist. Original paintings only.

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Wanted: Pat Buckley Moss

In search of P Buckley Moss Black Cat on a yellow background. 1981. Any size, Original painting or lithograph preferred. Prints considered.


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