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"Mini Bird Series (Gold) 2013 17x15" by Patrick Guyton - 🔥Framed Original Mixed Media on Aluminum - 8 Watchers $1,700
Mini Bird Series (Gold) 2013 17x15 Original Painting by Patrick Guyton
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Mini Bird Series (Gold) 2013 17x15 Original Painting by Patrick Guyton - 0
Mini Bird Series (Gold) 2013 17x15 Original Painting by Patrick Guyton - 1
Mini Bird Series (Gold) 2013 17x15 Original Painting by Patrick Guyton - 2
Mini Bird Series (Gold) 2013 17x15 Original Painting by Patrick Guyton - 3

Mini Bird Series (Gold) 2013 17x15

Patrick Guyton

Original Painting : Mixed Media on Aluminum With Sized Gold Leaf, Hand Veined.
Size : 10x8 in  |  25x20 cm
Framed : 17.25x15.25 in  |  44x39 cm

8 watchers
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Hand SignedHand Signed in Pigment Lower Right. 

Condition Excellent 

Framed without GlassGold Framed With White Linen Matting. 

Purchased fromGallery 2016 

Provenance / HistoryPurchased at a collectors VIP event in Sarasota, Florida. The artist was in attendance at the event. 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Patrick Guyton - United States

Art Brokerage: Park West Artist: Patrick Guyton American Artist: b. 1964. Since moving to California in 1987, he has worked as a fine and commercial artist creating airbrush illustration, murals and signage. In 1997, Guyton joined Linda Jones Enterprises/Warner Bros as a background painter for legendary cartoonist and animator Chuck Jones. During this time he was privileged to study under Maurice Noble, who played a role in shaping the animation industry since the 1950s. Guyton designed and painted many background scenes for Jones, the most notable being the background scene for the “What’s Opera, Doc?” a limited edition animation celluloid (cel). This animation cel was included in the film’s preservation in the National Film Registry and was the first cartoon deemed by the United States Library of Congress as being among the most culturally, historically and aesthetically significant films of our time. Guyton was also commissioned by Looney Tunes/McKimson Productions where he became the background painter for classic animator, Robert McKimson, working on McKimson’s Limited Edition Sports Animation Cels. Guyton’s career has encompassed many different fields. In addition to various book illustrations, the artist designed thousands of Milk Caps during the POG craze for industry leader Trov Inc., he was the lead character development artist and animation assistant for Honeytree Productions, hand painted commercial billboards, interior design murals and has taught fourth grade art at Vineyard Middle School in Anaheim, California. He has expanded to other precious metals in his artwork, such as copper, platinum and palladium. Since metal will normally expand and contract in different temperatures, Guyton had to develop a way to keep his paintings intact. He experimented for a year on creating the perfect formulation for his boards, eventually creating boards that are metal with a special plastic core. These special boards are now manufactured exclusively for him to use in his art. Listings wanted.

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