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"Retort 1988 48x48" by Paul Maxwell - Huge Signed Original Mixed Media Painting $11,900
Retort 1988 48x48 Original Painting by Paul Maxwell
Retort 1988 48x48 Original Painting by Paul Maxwell - 0
Retort 1988 48x48 Original Painting by Paul Maxwell - 1
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Paul Maxwell

"Retort 1988 48x48"

Hand Signed
Condition : Excellent - This painting is in excellent condition.
Not Framed
Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
LID : 9196
Paul Maxwell - United States

Art Brokerage: Paul Maxwell American Artist: b. 1925-2015. Paul Maxwell (born in Frost Prairie, Arkansas) is a prolific artist who enjoys working in many different media. He is a well known sculptor, painter, creator of functional art forms and conceptual art, and is also a printmaker. Maxwell is the inventor of a printmaking process which now makes possible (for all artists of the world) the use of an expanded and enriched printing medium. The medium is maxwell-pochoir aka acrylic casting or stencil casting. The printing process is named after the artist. Maxwell-pochoir is similar to serigraphy; however, it uses a unique acrylic molding paste (artist's material) which permits work in a heavy, precisely controlled relief that can be applied to various surfaces, including paper, canvas, wood, etc, This process uses techniques and materials that make possible a substantial relief element in printmaking (allowing for a much greater three-dimensionality than had ever been possible before in any printmaking medium. In addition to producing art, Maxwell has scripted, produced and hosted more than a hundred art oriented television programs for the world's first educational television station. Maxwell's art has been included in hundreds of one-person and group exhibitions globally and is included throughout the world in the permanent collections of numerous museums, universities, libraries, corporations and is extensively collected privately. Sadly, the artist passed away in 2015.