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"Sea of Dreams 2008 36x48 - Huge" by Paul Stanley - 🔥🔥Huge Oil on Canvas - 18 Watchers - Inquire - A Real Steal
Sea of Dreams 2008 36x48 - Huge Original Painting by Paul Stanley
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Sea of Dreams 2008 36x48 - Huge Original Painting by Paul Stanley - 0
Sea of Dreams 2008 36x48 - Huge Original Painting by Paul Stanley - 1
Sea of Dreams 2008 36x48 - Huge Original Painting by Paul Stanley - 2

Sea of Dreams 2008 36x48 - Huge

Paul Stanley

Original Painting : Oil on Canvas
Size : 36x48 in  |  91x122 cm

18 watchers
  • 🔥🔥Huge Oil on Canvas - 18 Watchers - Inquire - A Real Steal

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Hand SignedLower Right 

Condition Mint 

Not Framed 

Purchased fromAuction House 2010 

Story / Additional InfoWentworth Gallery (Barcode label on verso), Private Collector 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 

Additional InformationHuge Price Drop 


Paul Stanley - United States

Art Brokerage: Paul Stanley American Musician and Artist: For more than thirty years, Paul Stanley has reigned supreme as one of the single-most recognizable front men in the history of rock and roll. He's the principal songwriter, driving force and the unwavering voice of KISS. Paul Stanley creates portraits and abstracts that are emotionally charged compositions. The scale is huge, the paint laid on thickly; the colors have been chosen in order to generate a powerfully physical and emotional effect. Paul's work can be associated with the Abstract Expressionists of the late 1940's and 1950's. He aims to maximize the direct, physical impact of his paintings through scale, texture, color and simplicity of images. One sees in Paul's abstracts the influences of Kandinsky, Mondrian, Malevich, Paul Klee and Mark Rothko. Original paintings wanted.

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Wanted: Paul Stanley

All worksOriginal Painting: Oils on Canvas


Wanted: Paul Stanley

Oil PaintingsLimited Edition Print: Oils on Canvas


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