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"Skipjack Race 1952 48x84" by Joseph Sheppard - Well Priced - New Listing

Skipjack Race 1952 48x84



Joseph Sheppard

Original Painting
Oil on Board

Size: 48 x 84 in  |  122 x 213 cm

Hand Signed : Lower Right Back of Row Boat
Condition: Excellent
Framed without Glass : Original Gold Leaf Frame
Purchased from : Other 2000
Certificate of Authenticity : From the artist
Joseph Sheppard

Art Brokerage: Joseph Sheppard American Artist. Focusing on the human form, Joseph Sheppard has created paintings and sculptures in the figurative realist tradition. He has studios in Baltimore, Maryland, and Pietrasanta, Italy. He studied with Jacques Moroger and Reginald Marsh and closely read the anatomical writings of Leonardo DaVinci and 14th-century physician, Andreas Vesalius. In Sheppard's genre and figure works, many of the figures seem off balance and twisted in their poses, giving his paintings a sense of motion as though the figures are interacting with each other. His canvases are filled with "an endless parade of dancers, acrobats, and athletes." egarded as a "role model for figurative realists", Sheppard stated: "I believe that technical skill is an important element in art and that the figure is not only a subject but the most elevated form of art."

  • Original Painting
    Oil on Canvas

    Price On Request OBO