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"Peles Whisper" by Peter Lik - Must Sell $6,500
  • Peles Whisper Panorama by Peter Lik
    Peles Whisper Panorama by Peter Lik - 0
    Peles Whisper Panorama by Peter Lik - 1
  • "Peles Whisper"


    Peter Lik

    Photograph Print

    Size: 18x27 in  |  46x69 cm

    Framed: 33x41 in  |  84x104 cm

    Edition: From the edition of 950

    Hand Signed : Lower Right in Gold Pen
    Condition: Excellent
    Framed with Glass : Black Bamboo Wood Frame
    Purchased from : Gallery 2008
    Provenance / History : Lik Lahaina Maui Gallery.
    Story / Additional Info : Peter says: The feeling I had on this early morning is hard to describe. As I hiked out under moonlight over the smoldering crunchy lava, an eerie electricity filled the air and I couldn’t help but think that something momentous was in store. It wasn’t until much later that I realized what may have been responsible for that feeling. A mate of mine informed me of the story of Pele, the Goddess of Fire in Hawai’ian folklore. A volatile and, at times, vindictive goddess, Pele took pleasure in her power to both destroy the land and also create it. Legend has it that she and her sister Namaka-o-kaha’l, Goddess of Water and Sea, constantly sabotaged each other causing Pele to move down the island chain before finally claiming the Mauna Loa mountain on The Big Island. You can visualize her fair profile in the upper left–it’s as if she is blowing, or whispering, into the ocean causing the steam to part on the surface of the water below. I get chills every time I look at it. It’s my shot of a lifetime.
    Certificate of Authenticity : Peter Link Gallery Maui Hawaii
    LID : 117838
    Peter Lik

    Peter Lik - Brokerage: American Panoramic landscape photographer and Las Vegas artist, Australian Artist Peter Lik: Many of our listings are priced below the gallery asking price. Some of the higher priced works are listed as Price on Request. We suggest pricing well below 20k so that we set the asking price to show. For a fast response please make a Purchase Request for any prints you're interested in. Peter Lik was born in Melbourne, Australia and is the only son of Czech immigrant parents. Completely self taught, and raised in humble beginnings he was given his first camera a Kodak "Brownie" by his parents. Art Brokerage now lists all Panorama artists under the heading Panorama instead of limited editon prints. Art Brokerage is the leading secondary resale source for Peter Lik cibachromes and fuji panormama prints. Peter Lik fuji cibachrome prints have been our #1 seller during 2010-19. Due to copyright laws and Peter requests each seller to take photos of their own artwork showing the frame, edition number and signature. All sales for us are below 20k. Sellers must post their address, contact information which is always kept private and edition number will be held in our private area and given out only upon serious interest. We have a waiting list for well priced prints. Read about Peter Lik on the front page of the New York Times. View better photos at Listings wanted.

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