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"2 Pieces Penguins Art Glass Sculpture Unique 8 in" by Pino Signoretto - 🔥Set of 2 Unique Art Glass Sculptures - Inquire $2,500
2 Pieces Penguins Art Glass Sculpture Unique 8 in Sculpture by Pino Signoretto
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2 Pieces Penguins Art Glass Sculpture Unique 8 in Sculpture by Pino Signoretto - 0
2 Pieces Penguins Art Glass Sculpture Unique 8 in Sculpture by Pino Signoretto - 1
2 Pieces Penguins Art Glass Sculpture Unique 8 in Sculpture by Pino Signoretto - 2
2 Pieces Penguins Art Glass Sculpture Unique 8 in Sculpture by Pino Signoretto - 3
2 Pieces Penguins Art Glass Sculpture Unique 8 in Sculpture by Pino Signoretto - 4
2 Pieces Penguins Art Glass Sculpture Unique 8 in Sculpture by Pino Signoretto - 5

2 Pieces Penguins Art Glass Sculpture Unique 8 in

Pino Signoretto

Sculpture : Glass
Size : 7.87x7.87 x4.13 in  |  20x20 x10 cm
Edition : Unique

Motivated Seller Reduced
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Artist Bio

Sculpture Foundry MarkArtist Signature in the Bottom 

Condition Excellent 

Purchased fromArtist 2005 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Pino Signoretto - Italy

Art Brokerage: Pino Signoretto Italian Artist: Venetian maestro Pino Signoretto is recognized as one of the preeminent glass sculptors in the world today. He trained with celebrated Venetian maestro Alfredo Barbini and became a master himself in 1960, manipulating glass with uncommonly high skill. Signoretto has worked with international artists and architects, and in many materials, but he remains committed to glass, which he calls the “unrivaled Master of my life..." Listings Wanted

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