"Elusive Bronze Sculpture 2002 21 in " by Ramon Parmenter - 🔥Large Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture - A Steal - Inquire
Elusive Bronze Sculpture 2002 21 in  Sculpture by Ramon Parmenter
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Elusive Bronze Sculpture 2002 21 in  Sculpture by Ramon Parmenter - 0
Elusive Bronze Sculpture 2002 21 in  Sculpture by Ramon Parmenter - 1
Elusive Bronze Sculpture 2002 21 in  Sculpture by Ramon Parmenter - 2

Ramon Parmenter

Elusive Bronze Sculpture 2002 21 in

Sculpture : Bronze
Size : 21x11 x5 in  |  53x28 x13 cm
Edition : From the Edition of 94

Motivated Seller Reduced
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Foundry Signature w/ StampOn Edge of Dress 

Condition Excellent 

Purchased fromGallery 2001 

Provenance / HistoryPurchased from Sierra Galleries 

Certificate of AuthenticityParmenter Studios, Inc. 


Ramon Parmenter - United States

Art Brokerage: Ramon Parmenter American Artist: b. 1954. Ramon Parmenter was born September 14, 1954 in Eugene, Oregon. He received his formal training at both Walla Walla College, and the Southern Oregon College of Art. From a very young age Ramon showed an avid interest in drawing and demonstrated an uncanny ability to represent the living form in great creative detail. An art critic once stated, "Ramon Parmenter shows a classic genius for drawing and sculpting the living form. Two works possessing the muscular sensuousness of a Michelangelo combined with the elegant flowing forms of Cellini and touched by the classic grace of Canova, this young artist has added his own fearless obsession for risk-taking by showing his figures, not standing on terra firma, but caught in the act of movement, suspended in dramatic special conflict." His favorite subject matters are olympic athletes, female and male nudes, children, young girls, dancers and ballet. In 1984, Parmenter was commissioned as the official sculptor for the Olympic Scientific Congress held in conjunction with the Los Angeles Olympic Games. Parmenter's sculptures have also created an impressive list of enthusiastic collectors including body builder and magazine mogul, Joe Weider, Howard Cosell, Wayne Newton, Bart Conners, Alberto Salazar, Bo Jackson, Greg Louganis, Nancy Lopez. Art Brokerage discovered Ramon in the 1980s and became his publisher for several dozen sculptures and built an enduring sculpture program for many galleries. Sadly, the artist retired from artwork a few years ago, but his resale market is extremely active as well priced. Please email danielle@artbrokerage.com if you have any for sale. Sculpture Listings wanted.

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