"Multiple Figures 1971 33x47 Huge" by Ramon Santiago - Framed Original Oil on Canvas $8,995
Multiple Figures 1971 33x47 Huge Original Painting by Ramon Santiago
Multiple Figures 1971 33x47 Huge Original Painting by Ramon Santiago - 0
Multiple Figures 1971 33x47 Huge Original Painting by Ramon Santiago - 1
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Ramon Santiago

"Multiple Figures 1971 33x47 Huge"

Hand Signed 
Condition Excellent 
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Purchased fromPrivate Collector 2012 
Provenance / HistorySC Fine Art 
Certificate of AuthenticitySC Fine Art Inc., Rochester 
Ramon Santiago - United States

Art Brokerage: Ramon Santiago American Artist: b. 1943- 2001. He began painting in 1961 while attending Mt. San Antonio College in California. Two years later he returned to Rochester to study art at Rochester Institute of Technology. He served with the United States Marine Corps from 1965-68. After his discharge from the service, Santiago's professional art career began. Audiences have been drawn to Santiago's unmistakable vision, a figurative style with dramatic fantasy. Elegant portrayals of beautiful women, odd human-like creatures, symbolism, color and recurrent themes create his haunting and enigmatic images. Influenced by Chagall, Dali, Picasso, Pascin and Modigliani, Santiago prefers to work in mixed media and oil on canvas. Over the past 30 years, Santiago has actively exhibited his work in galleries and museums, both nationally and internationally. Ramon Santiago is a private man who shys away from attention. Santiago is characterized as a "painters painter." His mastery of pen, pencil, pastel and brush explodes with exciting new images. His style? It's unmistakably Santiago. Fresh. Original. Sensitive with dramatic fantasy. Santiago generates elegant images of beautiful women and odd human-like creatures masterfully. Through his color, line and form he delivers fascinating and enigmatic visions. Like a magician creates illusions, Ramon Santiago creates his own magical vision through his art. Both the artist and the magician find true inspiration in their imagination where reality and dream unite to create a world both familiar and exotic. He died on Dec. 16, 2001 of lung cancer. All paintings must be authenticated before listing. Listings Wanted.