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"Untitled Landscape (Pond) 25x35" by Reid Gardner - Price On Request OBO

Untitled Landscape (Pond) 25x35


Reid Gardner

Original Painting
Oil on Canvas

Size: 25 x 35 in  |  64 x 89 cm

Not Signed : Unsigned Oil Painting
Condition: Excellent
Purchased from : Artist 1964
Certificate of Authenticity : Letter from artist. private commission from the ar
Reid Gardner

Art Brokerage: Reid Gardner American Artist: " After years of learning craftsmanship, a painter gets the feel of his materials and learns what quiet miracles can be done with them. There are the words of Reid Gardner truly a painters' painter.Gardner belongs to that small group of nonconformist painters whose art is rightfully described as magic realism. Gardner achieves the incredibly real with an uncanny technical ability. A perfectionist to the final, minute detail, he has been known to work months on a single painting, even a year. He has never finished a painting in less than 90 days of painstaking detail work with brushes so small and fine they have only a few sable hairs. He is a miniaturist, but at the same time, an accomplished artisan of the broadest scope, equally at home in painting nudes or still life. Art Brokerage has a major painting for sale which is not showing. Inquire. Listings wanted.

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