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"Sweet Ocean 2014 13x17" by Robert Bissell - 🔥Framed Oil on Canvas - Inquire $5,500
Sweet Ocean 2014 13x17 Original Painting by Robert Bissell
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Sweet Ocean 2014 13x17 Original Painting by Robert Bissell - 0
Sweet Ocean 2014 13x17 Original Painting by Robert Bissell - 1
Sweet Ocean 2014 13x17 Original Painting by Robert Bissell - 2
Sweet Ocean 2014 13x17 Original Painting by Robert Bissell - 3

Sweet Ocean 2014 13x17

Robert Bissell

Original Painting : Oil on Canvas
Size : 12x16 in  |  30x41 cm
Framed : 12.5x16.5 in  |  32x42 cm

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Hand SignedOn Verso in Pencil 

Condition Excellent 

Framed without GlassWood Frame 

Purchased fromGallery 

Provenance / HistoryPurchased at the Lahaina Galleries' annual art show in San Francisco in 2014. Original owner. 

Certificate of AuthenticityLahaina Galleries 


Robert Bissell - United Kingdom

Art Brokerage: Robert Bissell British Artist: Growing up on a farm in Somerset, England, Bissell retains a love of rural life, Celtic legends and panoramic landscapes. His keen interest in visuals began at an early age while documenting the life around him through photographs. In the late 1970’s, after studying graphic design and obtaining a Masters Degree from The Royal College of Art in London, Robert Bissell began traveling around the world, eventually settling in United States where he began a successful 15 year career in retail advertising. In the mid 1990’s his focus shifted, no longer wanting a part of the advertising world, he felt a pull towards sharing his love and feelings for nature through artistic expression. Robert Bissell hopes that his message, the idea of reconnecting with the nature that we left behind for cities and suburbs, can resonate with the public through his paintings. His depictions of wild animals, from rabbits and butterflies to bears, birds, and frogs; are playful meditations on the inner lives of those creatures and, by extension, of human beings. Robert Bissell’s artwork allows us to pause and reflect on the environment, life, death, renewal and the stages of transition – departing from the safety of family, and making our way in the world. Listings wanted.

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Wanted: Robert Bissell

Early paintingsWorks on Paper (not prints): Canvas


Wanted: Robert Bissell

Oils on canvasOriginal Painting: We have buyers waiting


Wanted: Robert Bissell

Oils on CanvasSculpture: Watercolor


Wanted: Robert Bissell

Original PaintingsOriginal Painting: We have buyers waiting


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