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"Starry Night" by Robert Finale - Hand Embellished Giclee on Canvas $2,800
Starry Night Limited Edition Print by Robert Finale
Enlarge Photo View in Room
Starry Night Limited Edition Print by Robert Finale - 0
Starry Night Limited Edition Print by Robert Finale - 1
Starry Night Limited Edition Print by Robert Finale - 2

Starry Night

Robert Finale

Limited Edition Print : Hand Embellished Giclee on Canvas
Size : 32x48 in  |  81x122 cm
Framed : 36x52 in  |  91x132 cm
Edition : Exclusive Edition (EE) of only 10

Listing Info
Artist Bio

Hand SignedHand Signed And Hand Numbered Bottom Left 

Condition Excellent - Mint condition 

Framed without GlassDeluxe Museum Frame 

Purchased fromGallery 2012 

Story / Additional InfoThis piece shows the beauty of the Amalfi Coast, Italy. 

Certificate of AuthenticityVillage Gallery Laguna Beach 


Robert Finale - Cuba

Art Brokerage: Robert Finale Cuban/American Artist: The powerful and captivating works of the artist, Robert Finale, flow naturally from a deep-rooted passion and God given talent for capturing the intrinsic beauty in humankind and nature. Finale’s work on canvas is heartwarming and peacefully enchanting. His distinctive style is a colorful blend of impressionistic romance and beauty, mostly in historic settings. His paintings transport you to a time and place of private charm, a haven of pure and quiet delight. He loves to explore the complex interplay of light and its effect on architecture and surroundings. An avid traveler, Finale uses his photographs, sketches, and memories simply as the starting point, an inspiration on the journey to the creation of each masterpiece. This passion, Finale explains, began very early in life. As a young boy of five, he was seldom without a pencil and sketchpad in hand, sketching everything from movie scenes to family vacation destinations. His images originate from his childhood sketches, which his mother always lovingly treasured and encouraged him to keep. Each painting is a journey of unspoken words and hidden whispers of freedom, nurturing the hopes and dreams that exist within all of us. These feelings are resurfaced and unveiled through beautiful city images in romantic surroundings placing the viewer in the dream world of unconscious thoughts. Robert’s works are an inspiration to all who have dreamed the impossible dream. Listings wanted.

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