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"Work Boot Life Size Bronze Sculpture 2010" by Robin Antar - Reduced Again
  • Work Boot Life Size Bronze Sculpture 2010 Sculpture by Robin Antar
    Work Boot Life Size Bronze Sculpture 2010 Sculpture by Robin Antar - 0
    Work Boot Life Size Bronze Sculpture 2010 Sculpture by Robin Antar - 1
  • "Work Boot Life Size Bronze Sculpture 2010"


    Robin Antar


    Size: 6.5 x 11.5 x 4.5 in  |  17 x 29 x 11 cm

    Edition: From the Edition of 12

    Sculpture Foundry Mark : Signed by sculptor
    Condition: Excellent
    Purchased from : Private Collector
    Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
    LID : 55262
    Robin Antar

    Art Brokerage offers a collection of pop sculptures by Robin Antar a sought after contemporary artist. Realism in Stone statement: My passion for sculpting involves creating a virtual record of contemporary culture by capturing everyday objects in carved stone. Their significance is much deeper than what they represent in the supermarket, or in my bedroom closet. I ask myself, will a bottle of Heinz ketchup exist in 3012 AD? Will we still be drinking soda from can? Will people still be wearing jeans or cowboy hats? In the nature of Vanita?s paintings, I strive to form a copy of the original object, by unearthing a stone whose color is as identical as can be. When it is impossible to find, I purchase a tan stone and stain it until it reaches the desired color. The stone must be closest in texture to the object, as well. For example, a paper bag of Milano cookies is best depicted in white marble, being that the color is identical and the texture is as smooth as the wrapper I am copying. When I designed a Diesel denim jacket, I used limestone because its texture is closest to the feel and because there was no identical blue stone to match those jeans, I used custom made stains to color the stone in order to achieve ultimate authenticity. In order to create the most exact composition of the product, this process can consume at least a year to perfect. My Diesel jacket, for example, required hours of chiseling, sanding, refining, staining, and mounting until its creases and grooves appeared to be moving on the hanger I designed. If I turn around and reach for the wrong jacket when it's time to leave my studio, I know I?m done. The energy put into details, such as, carving the teeth of the zipper but using a real metal pull, to zip up the pants is what confuses its viewers. Once they conclude the zipper pull is authentic, they leave wondering if the teeth were carved. That is when I know I have achieved my goal. If they are sure the teeth are carved into the stone, they are dumbfounded because that would mean even the minuscule zipper pull with its intricacies may be a replica, as well. One night my middle-aged cousin visited my home unexpectedly. I served him coffee and went to my studio. The next day he called and was furious. What are you doing leaving your Oreos on the table? I almost broke my tooth!? he yelled. I told you I never serve food in my living room? I retorted laughingly. Ever since, he taps every piece of food he wants to eat in my house before daring to bring it to his lips. Laughs like that are worth the toil and tears I undergo while I try to perfect my work. Listings wanted.

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