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"Angels View" by Rodney Lough, Jr. - Photograph - Mint - Unframed $2,500
Angels View Panorama by Rodney Lough, Jr.
Angels View Panorama by Rodney Lough, Jr.  - 0
Angels View Panorama by Rodney Lough, Jr.  - 1
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Rodney Lough, Jr.

"Angels View"

Hand SignedLower 
Condition Excellent 
Not FramedIn Original Unopened Tube With Label 
Purchased fromArtist 2014 
Provenance / HistorySingle owner 
Story / Additional InfoTribal Indian Reservation| ARIZONA, USAOne of the most difficult things to accomplish in these canyons is to express how expansive they are.  You could be standing in one spot and no matter how wide your camera lens is, it just can’t cover all that you see.Well I think I’ve figured out a way to share the awesome nature of these canyons with the world by showing all of what you’d see if you were able to stand there yourself.I call it Angel’s View, because angels have no problem seeing it ‘all’.Field Notes: Camera: Arca Swiss RL3d Large Format Lens: 40mm Aperture: f22.8 Exposure: 32 Seconds Film: Phase One IQ180 (iso35) 
Certificate of AuthenticityRodney Lough Jr 
Rodney Lough, Jr. - United States

Art Brokerage: Rodney Lough Jr. American panoramic photographer: We have buyers today. In 2000-2001, while living in Happy Valley, Oregon, Lough focused on landscape photography and drew his entire income from art festival circuit artwork sales.In 2000, he spent six months out of the year driving to and participated in 32 shows around the United States and spent the other six months photographing landscape scenes.In 2001, his efforts paid off and he was invited to participate in the Lake Oswego, Oregon art festival, close to where he grew up. One commentator noted in August 2010 that "the jump-out-at-you colors of the nature photography of Rodney Lough Jr. recalled memories of visits to Point Reyes and Yosemite National Park." The natural world photo which brought him the top award over 3,500 other previously award winning submissions, "Passing Through," was taken at Nevada's Black Rock Desert and focused on color, texture and detail that allowed viewers to see in real life what they otherwise would never see. In 2012, Lough lead several outdoor photography workshops in Arizona's Antelope Slot Canyon near Page, Arizona. Art Brokerage has buyers for prints by Rogney Lough Jr. Listings wanted.