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"Buffalo Skull Unique Glass Sculpture 2010 18 in" by Ron Seivertson - Reduced Again $10,500
Buffalo Skull Unique Glass Sculpture 2010 18 in Sculpture by Ron Seivertson
Buffalo Skull Unique Glass Sculpture 2010 18 in Sculpture by Ron Seivertson - 0
Buffalo Skull Unique Glass Sculpture 2010 18 in Sculpture by Ron Seivertson - 1

Ron Seivertson

"Buffalo Skull Unique Glass Sculpture 2010 18 in"

Hand Signed
Condition : Excellent
Purchased from : Private Collector 2010
Story / Additional Info : The Glass Age - # 104
Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
LID : 79467
Ron Seivertson - United States

Art Brokerage: Ron Seivertson American Artist: b. 1961. Ron Seivertson who was born in Sacramento, California USA is a hot glass artist who lives on the edge with an intense devotion to his craft. Creating masterpieces from the point of view that everything is possible and to do what seems can not be done. Before realizing his destiny awaited in hot glass art, Sievertson spent more then 20 years as a general contractor in carpentry and fine home building. At the age of 37 he reawakened the child artist from within (or visa-versa) with oil painting and sculpting. It was later, in 2003, that he found hot glass as his ultimate medium. From that moment of self-discovery, he took to glassblowing and sculpting quickly and naturally. He studied intensely, first in Seattle Washington, United States, and then in Melbourne, Australia. He obtained his most masterful lessons at The Pilchuck Glass School. Being a glassblower is quite literally in his blood. The day before his first hot shop experience in 2003 he discovered through his father that his Great Great Grandfather, Breida Seivertson, was a master glassblower from Norway in the late 1800’s. Breida went on to create the largest sheet of hand blown glass in the world. This piece went on display at the World’s Fair in Chicago. Breita’s son Herman Olouf, along with his Grandson Wayne Seivertson, carried on the family tradition while working at Fostoria and Imperial Glassworks. At the time, these were the two most prestigious glass factories in the world creating some of the finest table ware in the world and regularly supplying to the White House and many American presidents. Seivertson has since learned that persons with his surname have been working with Hot Glass in Scandinavia and Northern Europe for more than 200 years. His heritage, passion, and tenacity, combined with the alchemy and fluidity of the hot glass process help motivate Ron Seivertson to produce magical peieces of both form and function. Seivertson’s Horizon Glassworks Studio in Bali, Indonesia is his arena to pursue the creation of unprecedented master pieces. In his first 5 years of practice Ron Seivertson became renowned in the glass community and has been steadily advancing and pioneering the craft ever since. He has a strong reputation and is widely regarded for producing stunning glass art works that are unique in their style, expressions and form.