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"White Flowers 1992" by Roy Fairchild-Woodard - Framed Silkscreen $3,100
White Flowers 1992 Limited Edition Print by Roy Fairchild-Woodard
White Flowers 1992 Limited Edition Print by Roy Fairchild-Woodard - 0
White Flowers 1992 Limited Edition Print by Roy Fairchild-Woodard - 1
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Roy Fairchild-Woodard

"White Flowers 1992"

Hand SignedLower Right  
Condition Excellent 
Framed with PlexiglassWood Frame From Gallery: Black With Gilded Gold  
Purchased fromGallery 1992 
Provenance / HistoryPurchased on Dec 18, 1992 from the Wentworth Gallery located in the Shorthills, NJ Mall. 
Certificate of AuthenticityLondon Contemporary Art Limited  
Roy Fairchild-Woodard - United Kingdom

Art Brokerage: Roy Fairchild-Woodard British Artist: B. 1953. Roy Fairchild-Woodard is particularly influenced by the painters of the Renaissance. Fairchild visits Italy in particular to study frescos, tapestries and paintings, to see for him the techniques with which they were executed. Fairchild's vision is colored by his immersion in the past. His surfaces are rich and sumptuous. He uses varied interwoven elements such as fabrics and flowers in his work. The crumbling plaster works of ancient frescos are, also alluded to in his use of plaster, as a base for acrylic and oil over-painting. Roy Fairchild-Woodard eventually gained sufficient financial security to be able to give up his commercial illustrations and return full time to his own painting and printmaking which he does under his family name, Fairchild. As for his figure drawings, he still prefers to translate those images into etchings. Art Brokerage is a major secondary market source for Fairchild-Woodard prints and paintings. Listings wanted.