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"Inspiration Acrylic Sculpture 2001 24 in" by Sergey Eylanbekov - Very Well Priced $3,700
Inspiration Acrylic Sculpture 2001 24 in Sculpture by Sergey Eylanbekov
Inspiration Acrylic Sculpture 2001 24 in Sculpture by Sergey Eylanbekov - 0
Inspiration Acrylic Sculpture 2001 24 in Sculpture by Sergey Eylanbekov - 1
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Sergey Eylanbekov

"Inspiration Acrylic Sculpture 2001 24 in"

Foundry Signature w/ Stamp : Etched Signature, Etched Number on Lower Right Rear
Condition : Excellent
Purchased from : Gallery 2006
Provenance / History : Galleria Del Mar /Tripp Harrison Gallery
Story / Additional Info : CC-SE-ODB-2001
Certificate of Authenticity :
Cutter and Cutter Fine Arts, St. Augustin
LID : 81153
Sergey Eylanbekov - Russian Federation

Art Brokerage: Sergey Eylanbekov Russian Artist: b. 1960. Sergey Eylanbekov was born in Russia in 1960. He began his sculpture and drawing studies in Moscow in 1973. After graduation with honor from the prestigious Moscow Surikov Academy of Fine Arts in 1984, he participated in several important exhibitions, from which several of his sculptures were acquired by the Russian Academy of Fine Art and the Ministry of Culture for permanent expositions in various museums. In 1989, Sergey moved to the United States, where he continued working as a professional sculptor. In the beginning, his sophisticated skills in figurative sculpture helped to earn his living by producing copies and reproductions of various classic sculptures majority of which were endorsed by major museums throughout the country. At the same time he kept creating new original works, participating in various art shows and art contests. Eventually, he and his works became well-known in the United States and around the world. Throughout the years he produced and exhibited sculptures in a variety of techniques and materials, including bronze, marble and cast Lucite. Sergey received numerous awards, won a number of art competitions, and completed commissions in the United States and internationally. His works can be found in public and private collections throughout the world. Sergey lives and works on Long Island, New York and in Pietrasanta, Italy. He is a Fellow of the National Sculpture Society and served on its Board of Directors. Listings wanted.