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    Art Brokerage: Skynear American Artist: Skynear was born of immigrant Polish parents who settled in Colorado, where his father worked in the silver mines. Skynear grew up amidst a spectacular landscape of tremendous scale and intense, varigated color - jagged peaks, steep, narrow ravines, wildly folded and discontinuous rock layers of weathered sedimentary rock. These sights filled him with a sense of fantastic force and vitality. Skynear also became fascinated with the look of the mining settlements scattered throughout the region, those odd places, many of them eerie ghost towns, jumbles of metal and wood, haphazardly constructed, clinging precariously to some mountainside outcropping. These images gained in childhood infuse his artwork up to the present day. Skynear has always been desirous of using a wide variety of materials in creating different kinds of art objects. Drawing upon a mastery of metal working, inspired painting, and artistic precision, Skynear has created a truly unique handling of the mixed media artform in utilizing his enameled cut metal technique. Skynear is a favorite of Art Brokerage. Listings wanted

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Earth Band Trees: Altar Box Unique Hand Carved Wood Sculpture 1986 29x22  Sculpture -  Skynear


Earth Band Trees: Altar Box Unique Hand Carved Wood Sculpture 1986 29x22

Sculpture: Unique - Mixed Media Paint on Hand Carved Wood Sculpture, Hand Signed, Unique

Size: 29x22 in  | 74x56 cm
🔥Fabulous 1986 Unique Hand Carved Wood Altar Sculpture - A Steal - Inquire -
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