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"Attack of the 50 Ft. Women 2006" by Steve Kaufman - 🔥Limited Edition on Canvas Silkscreen - a Steal
Attack of the 50 Ft. Women 2006 Limited Edition Print by Steve Kaufman
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Attack of the 50 Ft. Women 2006 Limited Edition Print by Steve Kaufman - 0
Attack of the 50 Ft. Women 2006 Limited Edition Print by Steve Kaufman - 1
Attack of the 50 Ft. Women 2006 Limited Edition Print by Steve Kaufman - 2
Attack of the 50 Ft. Women 2006 Limited Edition Print by Steve Kaufman - 3

Attack of the 50 Ft. Women 2006

Steve Kaufman

Limited Edition Print : Oil on Canvas Silkscreen
Size : 15x8 in  |  38x20 cm
Edition : From the edition of 100

Motivated Seller Reduced
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Hand SignedSigned 'SAK' 

Condition Other - Stretchers are wearing into Canvas 

Other Frame 

Purchased fromArtist 2008 

Story / Additional InfoPurchased from artist at Steve Kaufman's Downtown Los Angeles Studio. 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Steve Kaufman - United States

Art Brokerage: Park West Artist: Steve Alan Kaufman: American Artist: On February 12, 2010, the world lost Steve Alan Kaufman, one of the greatest American pop artists and a generous humanitarian. Steve Kaufman, former assistant to Andy Warhol, passed away at the young age of 49. His memory, as well as his paintings, will live on forever. From his warm smile and generous heart, to his ability to tell a great story and his incredible knack of making every day an adventure filled with humor, drama, and laughter - Steve Kaufman was a legend. His paintings have found their way into the homes and hearts of so many, capturing the true American pop art experience. Steve Kaufman painted such timeless pieces such as: Coca Cola, Marilyn Monroe, Mozart, Beethoven, Wizard of Oz, Muhammad Ali, his money series, and his paintings of famous singers, actors and icons. His audience is vast and large, and his contribution to society was enormous. Steve Kaufman launched and operated the "Give Kids a Break Fund," a successful charity which helped inner city kids from troubled homes or straight from jail. Steve Kaufman gave these kids a job and his trust when no one else would, allowing them opportunities that they would have never had. Steve Kaufman lived for forty nine years, and in that time, he lived the life of 10 men. He will be so painfully missed, but his art will live forever. Steve Kaufman's paintings have been exhibited in many museums including The Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art in Slovakia; the Reiss-Engelhorn Museum in Mannheim, Germany; The Museum of Contemporary Art in Hot Springs, AR; The Motown Historical Museum in Detroit, MI; the Blues & Legends Hall of Fame Museum in Memphis,TN; The American Sport Art Museum & Archives in Daphne, AL; The Pop Culture Gallery at The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, GA; Sala U. Veruda, Palazzo Costanzi in Trieste, Italy; The Palazzo Guiscardo in Pietrasanta, Italy; Museum of Passion in Valladolid, Spain; Marcos Valcarcel Cultural Center in Galicia, Spain and running from November 21, 2013 through May 6, 2014 a grand exhibition in the House of Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, Italy. Steve Kaufman's paintings are also in two presidential libraries. Listings wanted.

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