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Interieurs 1994 29x35 Original Painting by Sunol Alvar
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Interieurs 1994 29x35 Original Painting by Sunol Alvar - 0
Interieurs 1994 29x35 Original Painting by Sunol Alvar - 1
Interieurs 1994 29x35 Original Painting by Sunol Alvar - 2
Interieurs 1994 29x35 Original Painting by Sunol Alvar - 3
Interieurs 1994 29x35 Original Painting by Sunol Alvar - 4
Interieurs 1994 29x35 Original Painting by Sunol Alvar - 5
Interieurs 1994 29x35 Original Painting by Sunol Alvar - 6
Interieurs 1994 29x35 Original Painting by Sunol Alvar - 7

Sunol Alvar

Interieurs 1994 29x35

Original Painting : Oil on Board
Size : 18x24 in  |  46x61 cm
Framed : 29x35 in  |  74x89 cm
Suggested Retail Price: $30,500

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Hand SignedLower Left 

Condition Excellent 

Framed without GlassGold Frame w/ White Mat  

Purchased fromGallery 

Certificate of AuthenticityTony Pernicone 

Additional InformationSUPER SUPER 


Sunol Alvar - Spain

Art Brokerage: Park West Artist: Sunol Alvar Spanish Artist: b. 1935. Sunol Alvar was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1935. Alvar paints with a subtle, sophisticated tenderness and feeling for his subject matter. Alvar studied at the School of Fine Arts of Barcelona from 1951 to 1957. The eclectic Alvar is a master of all mediums, but each of Alvar's flawlessly executed works is characterized by a sensitivity to color and a delicacy of form that are unique in contemporary art. Following in the tradition of Braque, Alvar is an artist whose force of emotion and mystical vision are complimented by a strong creative discipline and consummate technical skills. A modern master at the very peak of his powers, Alvar's works are exhibited in all the fine art centers of the world. Art Brokerage is a major secondary source for Sunal Alvar Original Paintings, prints, sculpture and ceramics. Listings wanted.

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