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"Tolcarne Rhythm 1998 81x43" by Terry Frost - New Attractive Price
  • Tolcarne Rhythm 1998 81x43 Original Painting by Terry Frost
    Tolcarne Rhythm 1998 81x43 Original Painting by Terry Frost - 0
    Tolcarne Rhythm 1998 81x43 Original Painting by Terry Frost - 1
    Tolcarne Rhythm 1998 81x43 Original Painting by Terry Frost - 2
  • "Tolcarne Rhythm 1998 81x43"


    Terry Frost

    Original Painting
    Acrylic and Collage on Canvas

    Size: 81 x 42 in  |  206 x 107 cm

    Hand Signed : Hand Signed By the Artist
    Condition: Excellent
    Purchased from : Private Collector 2010
    Provenance : Private collection purchase
    Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
    LID : 69062
    Terry Frost

    Art Brokerage: Terry Frost British Artist: b. 1915-2003. One of Britain's pioneering generation of abstract painters, Terry Frost began his artistic career in an unusual manner. He sharpened his natural talent for drawing and painting while being held in a POW camp during World War II, and pursued formal artistic training upon his release. Early on, he showed an interest in the clarity, order, and vocabulary of geometric forms associated with Constructivism, and worked as an assistant to noted British sculptor Barbara Hepworth. By 1952, Frost had been given his first solo exhibition at London's Leicester Galleries, and quickly rose to prominence, taking on prestigious teaching positions and being named a Gregory Fellow in painting at Leeds University. He was knighted in 1988. Frost's paintings incorporate shapes based on the circle and the arc, including half-circles, wedges, crescents, and slivers, sometimes loosely connected or intertwining with one another. Rather than using precise, severe geometric forms that look as though they were created by machines, Frost's shapes reveal a painterly touch, with irregularities to their surfaces and edges that clearly indicate their handmade origins. Though Frost's works are abstract, they draw upon his lifelong observation of nature, with the harbor at St. Ives and the Cornwall coast among his sources of inspiration. Frost's works often evoke the feel of boats rocking at sea, with individual shapes suggesting boat hulls, moorings, and patches of the elusive English sun. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.