"Untitled Painting 2008 71x78 Huge " by Theos Sijrier - Huge Mixed Media on Canvas - Abstract Expressionist - Blue Chip $5,200
Untitled Painting 2008 71x78 Huge  Original Painting by Theos Sijrier
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Untitled Painting 2008 71x78 Huge  Original Painting by Theos Sijrier - 0

Theos Sijrier

Untitled Painting 2008 71x78 Huge

Original Painting : Original on Canvas
Size : 71x78.74 in  |  180x200 cm

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Theos Sijrier - Netherlands

Art Brokerage: Theos M.B. Sirjier Dutch Artist: Theos M.B Sijrier, was born in Rotterdam, Holland. He is known for his Action Painting. The unique feature of his abstract expressionist art is that he paints to the live performances of musicians, dancers and stage actors alike - presenting a synthesis of the visual and the performing arts. This has gained him the reputation of being "the King of Action Painting." After studying in Rotterdam and Antwerp, he made his way to New York where he met and worked together with world famous artists such as Jackson Pollock, the expressionists Willem de Kooning and Joseph Beuys. His work can be found in the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, the Clemens-Sells Museum and the Winckelmann Museum. Paintings wanted.

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