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"Furiose 2005" by Tomasz Rut - Well Priced Framed Giclee $1,950
Furiose 2005 Limited Edition Print by Tomasz Rut
Furiose 2005 Limited Edition Print by Tomasz Rut - 0
Furiose 2005 Limited Edition Print by Tomasz Rut - 1
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Tomasz Rut

"Furiose 2005"

Hand SignedLower Right Signed in Ink 
Condition Excellent 
Framed without GlassGold Inlet 
Purchased fromGallery 2005 
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Certificate of AuthenticityMAC Fine Art and Design 
Tomasz Rut - Poland

Art Brokerage: Tomasz Rut Polish Artist: b. 1968. Tomasz Rut was born in Zabrze in 1968. At the age of eleven, his first drawings, collected by his mother frequently from his school notebooks in lieu of good school grades were exhibited at a solo gallery show, receiving a write-up in Warsaw Daily. Even at that early stage, young Tomasz's exploration, often satirical, of humanity and his search for an artistic expression, echoing a variety of familiar modern renditions and classical themes, is abundantly clear. In 1988-93 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, and in 1991-92 at the Academy of Arts in Nuremberg. The subjects of Rut's paintings, whether a figure, horse, or object, is at the center of every work, surrounded by compressed space with few background details to distract from the subject. Artist Tomasz Rut voted in 1999 by the Robb Report to be one of the most collectible artists in the United States. Evoking the passion of Michelangelo, the subtlety of Carravaggio and the flamboyance of Rubens, his artwork resurrects the dormant classical tradition of painting in a XXI century tribute to the perseverance of the human ability and spirit, which transcends the ebbs and flows of modern fashions.