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"Damas Retiradas 1984 78x43 Huge" by Victoria Montesinos - Fabulous Huge Framed Acrylic on Canvas
Damas Retiradas 1984 78x43 Huge Original Painting by Victoria Montesinos
Damas Retiradas 1984 78x43 Huge Original Painting by Victoria Montesinos - 0
Damas Retiradas 1984 78x43 Huge Original Painting by Victoria Montesinos - 1
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Victoria Montesinos

"Damas Retiradas 1984 78x43 Huge"

Hand SignedHand signed 
Condition Excellent 
Framed without Glass 
Purchased fromGallery 
Story / Additional InfoThis was purchased from Circle Gallery in New York in 1985 at their premier showing of Victoria Montesinos. This huge oil painting was the cover of the show's invitation.  
Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 
Victoria Montesinos - Mexico

Art Brokerage: Victoria Montesinos Mexican Artist: b. 1972. Victoria Montesinos was born in Mexico and is the only daughter of the well-known movie director, Fernando A. Rivero, and Maty Humana. When barely three years old, Victoria was sent to live with her grandparents. She loved to draw from her early childhood. By the time Victoria was twelve she had the opportunity to paint with Jose Bardasano, the great Spanish painter who had arrived in Mexico as a refugee from the Spanish Civil War. She studied with Bardasano for five years. In late 1983, Victoria moved to New York to work with one of the largest galleries in the United States to study developing high quality lithographic works. During that period, Victoria's talent became widely recognized in the US. Victoria decided to return to Mexico in the late 1980's. She worked ardently in her homeland and developed an outstanding new style. Through her oil paintings and serigraphs on textiles she gained fame and recognition. In the mid-1990's, Victoria signed new contracts to work with various galleries in the United States. When Montisenos returned to New York she decided to make flowers the focus of her attention. Montesinos was captured by their beauty and described them as an incredible way for nature to show the infinity of existing colors. Vicky Montesinos executed her idea brilliantly through her magnificent brush, great skill, and abundant creative passion. She was formerly represented by Circle Fine Art. Private commissions available. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.