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"Bugs Bunny 21x15" by Virgil Ross - 🔥Framed Charcoal and Pencil Drawing - Inquire $3,000
Bugs Bunny 21x15 Drawing by Virgil Ross
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Bugs Bunny 21x15 Drawing by Virgil Ross - 0
Bugs Bunny 21x15 Drawing by Virgil Ross - 1
Bugs Bunny 21x15 Drawing by Virgil Ross - 2
Bugs Bunny 21x15 Drawing by Virgil Ross - 3
Bugs Bunny 21x15 Drawing by Virgil Ross - 4

Bugs Bunny 21x15

Virgil Ross

Drawing : Pencil,charcoal Paper
Size : 12x9.5 in  |  30x24 cm
Framed : 20.5x14.5 in  |  52x37 cm

New Motivated Seller
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Artist Bio

Hand SignedLower Right 

Condition Excellent 

Framed with GlassBlack and Gold Frame w/ Black and Gold Mats 

Purchased fromGallery 1997 

Provenance / HistoryArt was purchased from owner of American Royal Arts. 

Certificate of AuthenticityAmerican Royal Arts 


Virgil Ross - United States

Art Brokerage: Virgil Ross American Artist: b. 1907-1996. Virgil Walter Ross was an American artist, cartoonist, and animator best known for his work on the Warner Bros. animated shorts including the shorts of legendary animator Friz Freleng. His introduction to cartooning was in high-school, where he took a class in that art form. He started drawing title cards for silent films before moving into animated films. Early work was done for Charles B. Mintz (later Screen Gems), Ub Iwerks studio, and then on to Walter Lantz, where he began working on developing Oswald the Rabbit and met Tex Avery. When Avery moved to work for Leon Schlesinger in 1935 on the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series, he took Ross, Sid Sutherland, and Cecil Surry with him. Ross spent about 30 years there, first under Avery's supervision, and then Bob Clampett after Avery's departure in 1941. Ross moved to Friz Freleng's unit after a year of animating for Clampett, presumably due to Ross' complicated relationship with him. Ross would spend his career with Friz for the rest of him time at Warner Bros., with him animating some of Freleng's most renowned shorts. In 1944, Schlesinger sold the company and it became Warner Bros. Cartoons. In the interview of Ross, published in Animato magazine #19, Ross recalled how the character of Bugs Bunny came to be. He says in the interview, "We received orders from the story department that they needed a drawing of a bunny. We all did drawings and tacked them on the wall, and the storymen voted on them. We had one writer named Bugs Hardaway, and for some reason, this one drawing became known as Bugs' Bunny. Leon Schlesinger liked the sound of the name and told them to keep it, and that's how Bugs Bunny got his name. Years later, before he died, Hardaway tried to get some credit for making the character, which he probably deserved. But Warner Bros owned the rights to everything we created." He also did a great deal of work involving Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam, Tweety, and many others, including the Rudy Larriva-directed Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote shorts. When handling long-eared characters such as Bugs or Wile E., Ross occasionally tilted or waved an ear in otherwise-static scenes. Listings wanted.

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