"Ceramica Di Albisola - Set of Three, One Small Plate, One Large Plate, One Bowl 1970" by Wifredo Lam - Ceramic - Blue Chip
Ceramica Di Albisola - Set of Three, One Small Plate, One Large Plate, One Bowl 1970 Sculpture by Wifredo Lam
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Ceramica Di Albisola - Set of Three, One Small Plate, One Large Plate, One Bowl 1970 Sculpture by Wifredo Lam - 0
Ceramica Di Albisola - Set of Three, One Small Plate, One Large Plate, One Bowl 1970 Sculpture by Wifredo Lam - 1
Ceramica Di Albisola - Set of Three, One Small Plate, One Large Plate, One Bowl 1970 Sculpture by Wifredo Lam - 2
Ceramica Di Albisola - Set of Three, One Small Plate, One Large Plate, One Bowl 1970 Sculpture by Wifredo Lam - 3
Ceramica Di Albisola - Set of Three, One Small Plate, One Large Plate, One Bowl 1970 Sculpture by Wifredo Lam - 4
Ceramica Di Albisola - Set of Three, One Small Plate, One Large Plate, One Bowl 1970 Sculpture by Wifredo Lam - 5

Wifredo Lam

Ceramica Di Albisola - Set of Three, One Small Plate, One Large Plate, One Bowl 1970

Sculpture : Porcelain Ceramics
Size : 9x9 in  |  23x23 cm
Edition : From the edition of 100, matching numbers

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Hand SignedSigned And Numbered in Gold Glaze 

Condition Excellent 

Purchased fromPrivate Collector 

Provenance / History  

Story / Additional InfoThese were made by Wifredo Lam, during his stay in Albisola di Mare, Italy, a coastal town that attracts many Italian and foreign artists. It was done in 1970. He established a studio there, at that time. Each work is hand signed by the artist on the back of the plate in gold. This work was documented in Servizi in Porcellana decorati da Wifredo Lam - Edizione arte Fratelli Pozzo. It is on Royal Selb Bavarian porcelain. This is for a set of three works. One 7" plate, one 9" plate, and one 9" bowl. All in mint condition. Wifredo Lam (Cuban 1902-1982) each signed and numbered 'LAM, 79-100' (on the verso, porcelain dishes produced by H Royal Selb (Germany) with designs by Wifredo Lam produced by FAC/ACF, Fabbrica Albissola Ceramiche. Literature - E. Gribaudo (ed.), Servizi in porcellana decorati da Wifredo Lam, Edizione d'Arte Fratelli Pozzo (another number from the edition illustrated in color). 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Wifredo Lam - Cuba

Art Brokerage: Wifredo Lam Cuban Artist: b.1902-1982. Wilfredo Lam was born in Sagua la Grande, N Cuba. He studied in Havana and in Madrid, where he held his first one-man show in 1928. He fused Latin-American, African, and Oceanic elements with the European modern movement, as in The Jungle (1943). His numerous exhibitions included one in New York, and he won the Guggenheim International Award in 1964. Listings wanted.

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Wanted: Wifredo Lam

All workdOriginal Painting: Works on paper - must be authenticated


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