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"Grand Canyon Chasms 34x48" by William Kirkpatrick Vincent - Very Very Well Priced - Reduced $2,900
Grand Canyon Chasms 34x48 Original Painting by William Kirkpatrick Vincent
Grand Canyon Chasms 34x48 Original Painting by William Kirkpatrick Vincent - 0
Grand Canyon Chasms 34x48 Original Painting by William Kirkpatrick Vincent - 1

William Kirkpatrick Vincent

"Grand Canyon Chasms 34x48"

Hand Signed : Signed in Red Paint, Lower Right
Condition : Excellent
Framed without Glass : Gold Toned Wooden Ornate Frame
Purchased from : Artist 2012
Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
LID : 100140
William Kirkpatrick Vincent - United States

Art Brokerage: William Kirkpatrick Vincent American Artist: b.1939-2004. Born to Irish parents in St. Augustine, Florida, William Kirkpatrick, who signed his canvases William Vincent, became an impressionist painter of landscapes, florals, figures, and portraits. In 1939, William Vincent Kirkpatrick began painting at 10 years old. His mother, Eloise, was a painter and his father, William Francis, played a variety of musical instruments. The young William Vincent took classical guitar lessons and wrote poetry. Growing up in a cultured atmosphere of art and music, he discovered that he had an inborn ability to understand the play of colors and creating a harmonious composition. Kirkpatrick's was introduced to Impressionism in the 1950s, working under the late writer and artist Alfred Morang in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Alfred Morang is an accomplished Impressionist painter, who explored different types of media. Amidst his business, he was still able to closely nurture three young painters, William being one of them. William Vincent especially benefited from Morang's personal tutelage Tragically, Kirkpatrick's mentor, Morang died suddenly in 1958 when a fire burned down and engulfed his Canyon Road studio. Mr. Kirkpatrick had already begun studying at the Taos School of Art in New Mexico when the news came about Morang. He acquired the estate of Alfred Morang and rebuilt his teacher's studio. William Vincent's work during that period showed the enlightened influence of his master, ushering in a phase of artistic development, best described as American Impressionism -- bright colors, painterly textures and common subjects. He also studied in Denver and became influenced by Impressionist masters, Walter Gonske and Rod Goebel. He later studied Realism with the Spanish painter Gilboa, and Impressionism with the artist Mortimer Wilson, Jr., in Arizona. Mr. Kirkpatrick passed away at age 65 in 2004.