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"Female African Torso Porcelain Sculpture 2007 28 in" by Woodrow Nash - Just Reduced

Female African Torso Porcelain Sculpture 2007 28 in



Woodrow Nash

Ceramic Porcelain

Size: 28 x 18 x 15 in  |  71 x 46 x 38 cm

Edition: Original

Hand Signed : Middle Right Pen
Condition: Other - It is ALL in the original condition. The hair in some areas show white. I have shown in my pictures.
Purchased from : Artist 2007
Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
Woodrow Nash

Art Brokerage: Woodrow Nash American Artist: Nash's art, is specifically African and European in influence. The images are African in general with the graceful, slender proportions and long undulating lines of 18th century Art Nouveau. The concept is 15th century Benin, a former kingdom in Africa flourishing from the 14th - 17th century. Both styles were often asymmetrical, using decorative shapes and ornamental motifs derived from natural forms. The two styles lend themselves well to each other. Hence the term "African Nouveau." Woodrow Nash has desgined and created exotic objects of art featuring his distinctive African Nouveau technique. The unique genius, indicative of his skillful mastery, is bodly emanated in the images of his work! The Josh Green collection was inspired by Charles Chestnut's "Marrow of Tradition" and the Almitra collection was inspired by Kahlil Gibran's "The Prophet." Art Brokerage has clients waiting for Woodrow Nash sculpture. Email

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