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"Myth of the Pierced Rock I 1962" by Yves Tanguy - $2,400 Just Reduced
  • Myth of the Pierced Rock I 1962 Limited Edition Print by Yves Tanguy
    Myth of the Pierced Rock I 1962 Limited Edition Print by Yves Tanguy - 0
    Myth of the Pierced Rock I 1962 Limited Edition Print by Yves Tanguy - 1
  • "Myth of the Pierced Rock I 1962"


    Yves Tanguy

    Limited Edition Print

    Size: 15x11 in  |  38x28 cm

    Framed: 21x17 in  |  53x43 cm

    Edition: Not numbered, from the edition of 100

    Not Signed
    Condition: Excellent
    Framed with Glass : Dark Wood Frame
    Purchased from : Gallery 2011
    Provenance : From Richard Vokoun Bloomington, ILL to WC Arts, LLC., then to the current owner in 2011.
    Additional Info : Licensed edition Claire Goll, 1962, Catalogue Reference Wittrock 14a for 1947 edition.
    Certificate of Authenticity : WC Arts, LLC
    LID : 86615
    Yves Tanguy

    Art Brokerage: Raymond Georges Yves Tanguy French Artist: b. 1900-1955. Born in Paris, the son of a retired navy captain. His parents were both of Breton origin. After his father's death in 1908, his mother moved back to her native Locronan, Finistère, and he ended up spending much of his youth living with various relatives.In 1918, Yves Tanguy briefly joined the merchant navy before being drafted into the Army, where he befriended Jacques Prévert. At the end of his military service in 1922, he returned to Paris, where he worked various odd jobs. By chance, he stumbled upon a painting by Giorgio de Chirico and was so deeply impressed he resolved to become a painter himself in spite of his complete lack of formal training. Through his friend Jacques Prévert, around 1924 Tanguy was introduced into a circle of surrealist artists. Tanguy quickly began to develop his own unique painting style, giving his first solo exhibition in Paris in 1927, after marrying his first in July 1925. Throughout the 1930s, Tanguy adopted the bohemian lifestyle of the struggling artist with gusto, leading eventually to the failure of his first marriage. In 1938, after seeing the work of fellow artist Kay Sage, Tanguy began a relationship with her that would eventually lead to his second marriage. With the outbreak of World War II, Sage moved back to her native New York, and Tanguy, judged unfit for military service, followed her. He would spend the rest of his life in the United States. Sage and Tanguy were married in Reno, Nevada on August 17, 1940. Toward the end of the war, the couple moved to Woodbury, Connecticut, converting an old farmhouse into an artists' studio. They spent the rest of their lives there. In 1948, he became a naturalized citizen of the United States.In January 1955, Tanguy suffered a fatal stroke at Woodbury. His body was cremated and his ashes preserved until Sage's death in 1963. Later, their ashes were scattered by his friend Pierre Matisse on the beach at Douarnenez in his beloved Brittany.

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