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"Black Panther 1989 39x37 Huge" by Zhou Ling - Large Limited Edition Serigraph
Black Panther 1989 39x37 Huge Limited Edition Print by Zhou Ling
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Black Panther 1989 39x37 Huge Limited Edition Print by Zhou Ling - 0
Black Panther 1989 39x37 Huge Limited Edition Print by Zhou Ling - 1
Black Panther 1989 39x37 Huge Limited Edition Print by Zhou Ling - 2

Black Panther 1989 39x37 Huge

Zhou Ling

Limited Edition Print : Serigraph on Paper
Size : 39x37.5 in  |  99x95 cm
Edition : 76/300

Motivated Seller Reduced
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Hand SignedSigned and numbered lower right 

Condition Mint 

Not Framed 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Zhou Ling - China

Art Brokerage: Zhou Ling Chinese Artist: b. 1941. Zhou Ling who is one of the acknowledged leaders of the Yunnan School of Chinese painting, has become one of the premier woman artists in the United States today. Her paintings are strong and expressive images that blend the subject matter and techniques of ancient Chinese art with those of Western art. After her graduation in 1965, Zhou Ling married her teacher, Liu Bingjiang. Only ten days after her marriage, Zhou Ling was sent to teach art at the Institute of Art and Culture in Kunming, located in the Yunnan Province. This assignment was considered a punishment for having a teacher-student relationship which was prohibited by communistic norms. In 1978, on an annual trip provided for all artists in China, Zhou Ling received acknowledgement from the art community for an exhibition of her work and for her illustrations in a book entitled "Poetry of the Dai People." The Chinese National Artists Associations selected Zhou Ling and her husband, Liu Bingjiang, to paint a vast mural in the east wing of the Beijing Hotel in 1980. This mural, portraying minority people dancing in their natural costumes to celebrate the life cycles of man and nature, is considered an exceptional work of art. Zhou Ling is currently living in Chicago where she enjoys writing poetry, being around animals, and attending the ballet. However, most of her time is spent painting images that represent the tribal peoples and the tropical environment of the Yunnan Province, with a theme of harmony that has appeal and significance on a global scale. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.

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