Art Brokerage: Marcel Demagny French Artist: b. 1949. Marcel Demagny was born in 1949 in Crehange en Moselle. He worked in the suburb of Nanciene and taught himself to paint. He attended the Ecole d'Architecture in Nancy in 1969 - which at that time was integrated with the Ecole des Beaux Arts - where he was a student of Andre Roger in drawing and in painting. At times Demagny is captivated by the thrill of a musical concert, car races and sports, but does not wish to be limited by particular subjects. At the same time he prefers landscapes, floral composition and the transfiguration of wonders that nature offers. Artists like Bernard Cathelin, Nicholas de Stael and Ambrogiani influenced his work at the level of color and medium. Different periods in his life have allowed him to develop a style of painting which he now masters. The work of the knife as a spatula of colors spread on the canvas is the culmination of 40 years of practice and passion. Though an architect by profession and once the official architect of the city in France where he lives. Marcel Demagny is an artist painter and his art continues to attract attention with timeless subject matter complimented by robust colors. Listings wanted. Original paintings only. Listings wanted.