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"Sarah's Heart 2005 45x45"

Original Painting : Pigmentation on Cork

Size: 45 x 45 in  | 114 x 114 cm
New Listing
Tuscan Countryside With Poppies 2000 32x36 by  Madjid


"Tuscan Countryside With Poppies 2000 32x36"

Original Painting : Oil on Canvas

Size: 32 x 37 in  | 81 x 93 cm
Well Priced New Listing
Untitled 54x45 by Lee White

Lee White

"Untitled 54x45"

Original Painting : Oil on Canvas

Size: 40 x 30 in  | 102 x 76 cm
Well Priced - Reduced
Sea Form Unique Glass Sculpture 13 pc. Set 1984 by Dale Chihuly

Dale Chihuly

"Sea Form Unique Glass Sculpture 13 pc. Set 1984"

Sculpture : 13 Piece Glass

Size: 13 x 26 x 15 in  | 32 x 65 x 38 cm
Price Upon Request
Red Scarf 2017 25x21 by Vladimir Mukhin

Vladimir Mukhin

"Red Scarf 2017 25x21"

Original Painting : Oil on Canvas

Size: 20 x 16 in  | 51 x 41 cm
New Listing
King of Pop 2009 24x10 Michael Jackson by Andrei Protsouk

Andrei Protsouk

"King of Pop 2009 24x10 Michael Jackson"

Original Painting : Oil on Wood

Size: 20 x 6 in  | 50 x 14 cm
$3,500 Reduced
Closer Look 2012 11x 5 by Andrei Protsouk

Andrei Protsouk

"Closer Look 2012 11x 5"

Original Painting : Mixed Media on Wood

Size: 11 x 5 in  | 28 x 13 cm
$2,000 Reduced
Embrace Embellished 2005 by Andrei Protsouk

Andrei Protsouk

"Embrace Embellished 2005"

Limited Edition Print : Lithograph on Canvas , Embellished

Size: 50 x 32 in  | 127 x 81 cm
New Listing
Double Profile Unique 13x18 by Peter Max

Peter Max

"Double Profile Unique 13x18"

Drawing : Acrylic on Paper

Size: 13 x 18 in  | 34 x 45 cm
$3,200 Just Reduced
Limonello di Capri by Thomas Pradzynski

Thomas Pradzynski

"Limonello di Capri"

Limited Edition Print : Serigraph on Black Paper

Size: 50 x 35 in  | 127 x 89 cm
New Listing
Golden Sunset 2002 by Igor Medvedev

Igor Medvedev

"Golden Sunset 2002"

Limited Edition Print : Seriograpgh on Paper

Size: 18 x 53 in  | 46 x 135 cm
New Listing
Shawls of Spain Purpora 2006 by Gabriel Picart

Gabriel Picart

"Shawls of Spain Purpora 2006"

Limited Edition Print : Mixed Media on Canvas

Size: 47 x 24 in  | 119 x 60 cm
New Listing



We do not have these artworks for sale. We want to buy these pieces.


Hello, I am the owner of a major art gallery, I have sold hundreds of art pieces through Art Brokerage over the past 25 years.They secure and hold the buying client's funds and pay me within 5 days of receipt and inspection by the buyer. The internet is different from the gallery business and it is important a client receives and verifies they received what was described and displayed in the listing. This policy is what attracts buyers to the Art Brokerage Site- they know their money is held until they are in receipt of the art. You are in good hands with - I worked with her when she was VP of the 9 Hanson Galleries. Best Regards, GA

-seller GA in Florida

To anyone seeking a secure and enjoyable art collecting experience please continue reading. My wife and I recently made our first purchase of art with Art Brokerage. Our agent, Helen T., could not have been more helpful! The entire process from purchase thru delivery was seamless. We look forward to doing more ďcollectingĒ with Art Brokerage and Helen T.

-buyer GW and DW in FL

Got it! Love it! It's hung on the wall!! Thanks Kevin G! Rachel

-buyer Rachel in Ft. Myers, Florida

I have successfully completed my third purchase with Art Brokerage. Walt was my broker. Each time, it has been a positive experience. They have a large selection of high quality items available to buy or just browse. The brokers there are very knowledgeable and offer a high level of service. They insure that from start to finish, from purchase to shipment, the process goes smoothly. I fully endorse their services.

-buyer Ken K in United States / PA

I recently was contacted by Mr. Leonard Panar about an offer I received on a lithograph I owned called" Horse Sins." It was listed for awhile just waiting for the " right person " to come along that appreciated it's whimsical nature.The wait was worth it. He went to a good home I feel it. The transaction process was very organized. Offer was made .... projected to myself for approval ...I accepted..buyer was contacted..I was responsible for packaging.. shipping label was sent...package mailed..received by buyer... buyer approved. Payment sent and received from Art Brokerage.Fast and efficient. Highly recommended.Thank you.

-seller KW in OH

Iím the co-owner of a fine art publishing agency, where we manage the careers of several artists. Jennifer Walker from asked if Iíd willing to send you a note sharing my experience with them. Which Iím always happy to do. I have been working with their founder Donna Rose for the entirety of my career in the business (25 years). Before starting this company everyone in the field knew Donna by name, as she was known as one of the few reliable brokers you could always count on. In recent years we have done a fair bit of trading with the company as it is now. Itís also the first company I refer collector (of our own artists work) as a place to sell their art. I do this because unlike other services like eBay, they have people who are actively managing the listings and are there to educate and assist prospective buyers. Not to mention promoting the sale of the art. Itís an amazing service for the percentage they take. But beyond this, I refer them because I know they can always be trusted. It may seem crass or sad, but after all these years in the art game I often say "the best thing you can say about anyone in our field is they pay.Ē And they do, always on time and always without any trouble. And thatís about the highest praise we have in our field.

-seller LL in California

Working with Senior Art Specialist Helen T. and Art Brokerage is a no-brainer. She is professional, diligent and efficient. We just closed on our second fine art sale. Once we accepted the buyer's offer, the transaction was finalized and we were paid seven days later! We look forward to future business with Helen T. and Art Brokerage.

-seller MG in UT

Leonard was amazing to work with. He made selling my painting very easy and held my hand through the entire process. I called on weekends and was always able to reach him. I hope to sell my other painting with him as well!

-seller IP in NY