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Danny Garcia -Original Painting: Acrylic on Drawing Board

My experience with Art Brokerage was easy and simple. After listing a painting, I was notified some time later when an offer was received. The process after this couldn't have been easier and the broker who had the listing, Helen T., sent instructions, let us know the painting was received and accepted and stayed in touch throughout. Within a day or two, I received an e-check. I highly recommend this company for selling art and would use them again.

Seller BG in United States / CA

Patrick Guyton - Red Veil With Blue Eyes Unique 2019 40x18 - Other: Mixed Media on Aluminum W Urethane/UV Curable Ink/Acrylic Paint

Hi Helen T., Seller really made sure the item arrives safely. Please relay our appreciation to the seller. All is perfect.

Buyer FDT in United States / FL

Vladimir Kush - Rose Awaiting 2002 - Limited Edition Print: Giclee on Canvas

This is the second time I have sold a painting through Art Brokerage and I am a very happy with how everything turned out. Robbie was very helpful and made the entire process quick and easy. I will definitely work with again.

Seller KS in United States / CA

Linda LeKinff - Palabre 2014 20x20 - Original Painting: Acrylic on Paper

It was an absolute pleasure working with Leonard Panar and the ArtBrokerage staff. They made every effort to make the sale of my art an easy, pleasurable experience. I highly recommend them and hope to continue to sell with them. They truly look out for their sellers and buyers! Top notch in every way.

Seller ES in United States / FL

Vladimir Kush - Ocean Sprouts 2006 - Limited Edition Print: Giclee

Thank you so much for your help! Working with and Robbie has been a pleasure. Concise instructions on how the process works and what buyer and seller are responsible for. This is our second piece we have sold with

Seller DK in United States / NV

Pino - Deborah Revisited 2001 - Limited Edition Print: Giclee on Paper

The process of buying beautiful art from, and working with Helen T was a pleasure. The whole process was very professional. Thank you for this service that you offer!

Buyer TG in United States / AZ

Vladimir Kush - Tree of Life 2015 - Huge - Limited Edition Print: Giclee on Canvas

Selling my huge painting seemed like a daunting task but Ms. Robby Reddy at Art Brokerage made it easy. Responsive and helpful from finding a seller to getting the check. The hardest part was taking my painting to get it's 88x69 inch 155 lb crate. Thank you Ms. Reddy.

Seller OP in United States / CA

Kerry Hallam - Terrace Repas 1997 41x47 - Huge - Original Painting: Acrylic on Canvas

Buying art can be imitating. Once I found a piece I liked, L Panar was quite helpful in answering my questions and facilitating the transaction. He was diligent in his follow up and made sure that I was informed at every step of the process. I would use Art Brokerage again

Buyer CD in United States / GA

John Lennon - Day in the Life - Huge - Limited Edition Print: Serigraph

YES, it arrived! YES, I'm very pleased, it's in great condition, it's a beauty and I love it! Thank you Kevin for shepherding this sale to me.

Buyer SS in United States / WA

Alexander Calder - Homage to the Pyramids HS - Limited Edition Print: Lithograph

I purchased a Calder print through Art Brokerage. The transaction was smooth and easy--and entirely without drama. The print (which included a frame) was shipped to me in a protective package and arrived in perfect condition. I was completely satisfied with the transaction and with Art Brokerage.

Buyer JF in United States / CA

Pierre Auguste Renoir - La Pensee - Limited Edition Print: Original Etching w/ Drypoint on Chine Applique

My second time dealing with Art Brokerage did not disappoint. Helen T was extremely helpful and very prompt. I would strongly recommend her and this company to anyone interested in buying a piece of artwork.

Buyer BM in United States / NY

Salvador Dali - Le Grand Pavon 1979 HS - Limited Edition Print: Lithograph

Hi Helen T. All is fine with the shipment. You did an outstanding job of packing it.

Thank you.

I hope 2023 is a healthy and happy new year for you and yours.

Buyer JVG in United States / OR

Dr. Seuss - Fooling Nobody - Huge - Limited Edition Print: Serigraph on Canvas was amazing to work with! They found me a buyer for my art in days and the whole process was very smooth and easy. Ms. Robbie Reddy was a pleasure to work with - friendly, responsive and super helpful.
I will use them again for future buying or selling of my portfolio.

Seller JT in United States / CA

Victor Vasarely - Vertigo - Limited Edition Print: Serigraph on Arches paper

My experience with Art Brokerage has been satisfyingly across-the-board positive.
I was looking online for a Victor Vaserely print and one of the images I viewed was associated with Art Brokerage.
Creating an account was easy and the bidding process simple and direct; as a bonus, all my questions were answered swiftly and without a hint of sales crap.
In my case, the representative for AB, Kevin interrupted a workout to take my call and discuss my upcoming bid......nice touch.
On the back end, once my check (swiftly) cleared the framed print was promptly packed and entered the delivery system, informing me every step of the transit.
If they have what you want, engage them with confidence that your art purchase will be handled professionally.

Buyer RR in United States / OR

Michael Cheval - Imagine II 2015 Huge - Limited Edition Print: Dye Sublimation on Aluminum

I just sold my second painting through Everyone I have come in contact with there, from listing to selling to shipping to the buyer is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Robbie Reddy is especially helpful and always available.

Seller KC in United States / OR

Isaac Maimon - Camille Bronze Sculpture 1996 19 in - Sculpture: Bronze

Robbie Reddy, Senior Fine Art Broker, was very professional and easy to work with throughout the listing and sale of my artwork. I highly recommend Ms. Reddy and

Seller MC in United States / OR

Slava Ilyayev - Pristine Sails 2014 42x42 Huge - Original Painting: Oil on Canvas

Art Brokerage is a fantastic company to work with. I have been impressed with the communication from everyone who has helped me. It was easy to list my painting, all my questions were quickly answered. Once there was an offer, Robbie notified me, gave me all the instructions I needed to get the artwork shipped, again answered all my questions along tye way. What an easy process! Thank you Robbie for all your help to ensure a smooth process!

Seller KP in United States / OR

Isaac Maimon - Vivian 2002 41x33 Huge - Original Painting: Acrylic on Canvas

Robbie Ready is proactive, efficient and considerate. Working with her was an almost seamless experience and she "sealed my deal".

Seller AB in United States / NY