Quetzalcoatl (P. 248) 1978 by Rufino Tamayo

Rufino Tamayo

"Quetzalcoatl (P. 248) 1978"

Limited Edition Print : Mixographia on Handmade Paper

Size: 27 x 53 in  | 69 x 134 cm
Price On Request OBO
Perro 1979 by Rufino Tamayo

Rufino Tamayo

"Perro 1979"

Limited Edition Print : Etching

Size: 22 x 30 in  | 56 x 76 cm
Price On Request OBO
New York Flower Show 1999 36x31 by Peter Max

Peter Max

"New York Flower Show 1999 36x31"

Original Painting : Mixed Media Painting With Acrylic And Color Lithography on Paper

Size: 22 x 19 in  | 56 x 48 cm
$6,300 USD
Blushing Beauty 2002 by Peter Max

Peter Max

"Blushing Beauty 2002"

Original Painting : Mixed Media With Acrylic Painting And Color Lithography on Paper

Size: 27 x 22 in  | 69 x 56 cm
$6,300 USD
Barcelona, Plate 12 (603) 1973 by Joan Miro

Joan Miro

"Barcelona, Plate 12 (603) 1973"

Limited Edition Print : Aquatint, Etching And Carborundum

Size: 41 x 28 in  | 104 x 70 cm
Price on Request
Aiguafort 1988 44x62 by Antoni Tapies

Antoni Tapies

"Aiguafort 1988 44x62"

Works on Paper (not prints) : Mixed Media

Size: 38 x 56 in  | 97 x 142 cm
Price on Request
Untitled Flowers 64x64 by Victoria Montesinos

Victoria Montesinos

"Untitled Flowers 64x64"

Original Painting : Oil on Canvas

Size: 60 x 60 in  | 152 x 152 cm
Price On Request OBO
Twelve Tulips 2009 20x40 by Brian Davis

Brian Davis

"Twelve Tulips 2009 20x40"

Original Painting : Oil on Canvas

Size: 20 x 40 in  | 51 x 102 cm
Price on Request
La Danza La Luz 1998 45x45 by  Royo


"La Danza La Luz 1998 45x45"

Original Painting : Oil on Canvas

Size: 39 x 39 in  | 99 x 99 cm
Price on Request



We do not have these artworks for sale. We want to buy these pieces.


Hi Jen, Thank you so much for negotiating such a great price. You are the best! I know you make more on commission by getting a higher price, so you have had a lot of integrity to make the sale happen this way. I really appreciate all your patience with me, time and help - and ethics. My husband is on the board of our art museum in Florida, so we know several art collectors who are involved with the museum. I am going to spread the word about you, for I am sure they would like to know of someone they can trust. Best, Linda

-buyer LINDA in Florida USA

Our Dr Seuss Goo Goo Eyed Tasmanian Wolghast arrived safely yesterday.It was packed very well We love it - it makes us smile whenever we look at it - what more could we want?

-buyer LK in From San Francisco to Florida

This is my second piece of Dr Seuss Art you have helped me with and I Thank You. Your quick and appropriate responses are excellent and greatly appreciated. You always make my buying experience pleasant and at times entertaining. Thanks again Jennifer Ron

-buyer RT in Tucson Arizona in From California to Arizona

I purchased at Art Brokerage for the first time, as I was looking for a special piece of sculpture that was not in current production. Our Senior Broker did a great job negotiating for my selection and handling all of the logistics to have the product delivered. Unfortunately UPS lost the sculpture and to this date it is in la-la land, She jumped right in and somehow found another identical piece and negotiated the same price and terms. This one got delivered and is amazing. This brokerage is a great service for hard to find items and My broker is truly a magician. I highly recommend the company Art Brokerage.

-buyer RH in CA

Art Brokerage: I have found the staff at Art Brokerage to be well informed and very helpful. My Senior Broker does a great job of keeping me informed when items she knows are of possible interest to me become available. She is adept at bringing buyer and seller together to find the right fit for both and smoothes out wrinkles with ease. I am a return customer because of these great services and the business integrity that is ever present in my dealings through this company. Note from staff: this buyer wants more. Please email artsales@artbrokerage.com

-buyer MB in OHIO

Working with Senior Broker Maresa at Art Brokerage was a amazing experience. I have never purchased artwork without seeing it in person first, but working with Maresa made it easy, and I felt comfortable knowing if it was not what I was expecting, as detailed from seller, I could return it to them. My Lithograph was delivered very quickly, and was in perfect condition. I am very happy I will buy through her again!

-buyer CR in US

I love Art Brokerage. As the owner of several pieces of fine art I was very concerned about the reliability and integrity of a third-party broker to sell my paintings. Not only was the process easy, But Art Brokerage made it a quick and painless process. They walked me through every step of negotiating a sales price and then, with extraordinary patience, helped me with packing and shipping. I could not be more pleased. Finally, even though the transaction was complete, they took the time to provide me with feedback from the European buyer (who was thrilled with the piece); and their go-that-extra-mile approach with clients makes my senior broker my favorite person at Art Brokerage. With no reservations, I can highly recommend Art Brokerage.

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My recent dealing with Art Brokerage was very satisfying. They handled the entire transaction very professionally. As a seller we were concerned about shipping our merchandise before being paid. However Art Brokerage made sure the shipment was totally insured, And we received prompt payment. We would not hesitate to do business with them again.

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