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Vladimir Kush - Matrix of Love 2000 - Limited Edition Print: Giclee on Canvas

I inherited some artwork that I wasn't going to use and didn't know how to sell it. Someone suggested that I go on to sell the pieces I had. It was such an easy process. I took pictures of the art and worked with Robbie to get the artwork on their website. I have sold two of the four pieces that I inherited. I've been very happy with the process. Robbie has been very communicative and has made selling the artwork very easy. I'm so glad that I found

Seller JJ in United States / AZ

Vladimir Kush - Matrix of Love 2000 - Limited Edition Print: Giclee on Canvas

Hi Robbie, good morning! The artwork did arrive yesterday, and was exceptionally well-packaged. My wife and I have had a chance to look over the piece and we are extremely pleased with how everything looks! If I had to give the art AND frame a condition, I would say it is 99.8\% perfect which is beyond my expectations. It looks terrific, and I can't wait to get it on my wall and properly lit! Thank you for your efforts on this, I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Buyer RB in United States / NV

Fanch Ledan - Gothic View 1998 - Limited Edition Print: Serigraph on Wove Paper


We received our artwork and we love it! Thank you so much for your perseverance throughout this entire purchase. You were absolutely wonderful.

Again, thank you very much!


Buyer LE in United States / ID

Patrick Guyton - Perpetuation 2015 38x18 - Original Painting: Mixed Media on Aluminum With Sized Gold Or Silver Leaf, Veined By Hand

Payment received successfully by E-check.

Thank you so very much, Kevin.

It's been a pleasure as always.


Seller CD in Canada /

Patrick Guyton - Perpetuation 2015 38x18 - Original Painting: Mixed Media on Aluminum With Sized Gold Or Silver Leaf, Veined By Hand

Hi Kevin, the art has arrived. It has exceeded my expectations! Thank you

Buyer MM in United States / CA

Blue Dog George Rodrigue - Louisiana Gold AP 2001 HS - Limited Edition Print: Serigraph on Paper

Selling art is a lesson in patience. Robbie, with ArtBrokerage, told me some time ago that it will take some time - until the right buyer comes along. Once that buyer did - she was quick to get the ball-rolling. Robbie kept me informed during the entire process to make the transaction as seamless as possible. I have enjoyed all my transactions with Robbie and the ArtBrokerage Team throughout the years. TH

Seller TH in United States / TN

LeRoy Neiman - Race I 1972 - Limited Edition Print: Serigraph

Kevin, you did a great job keeping us informed with the Neiman piece we just received and that the condition and everything was just great. Thank you RS

Buyer RS in United States / FL

Danny Garcia - Oil on Canvas

Helen T. To be honest, I was apprehensive in the beginning of this process. From start to finish, you kept in touch and made me feel confident in both your clients and your company.

Buyer MS in United States / TN

Salvador Dali - Judgement 1980 - Limited Edition Print: Hand Colored Etching

Artbrokerage has been very easy to work with. Leonard Panar has been very helpful and keep me informed every step of the way. He held payment until the article arrived and I had time to inspect and have verified by a professional. You can feel confident with a purchase from Artbrokerage that you are getting what you expect. Thanks Leonard

Buyer GH in United States / FL

Salvador Dali - Judgement 1980 - Limited Edition Print: Hand Colored Etching

Great thank you Leonard Working with Art Brokerage has been great for my family & I. We have listed multiple pieces that have sold and the process has been very simple & easy.

Seller TT in United States / CA

Dr. Seuss - If I Ran the Zoo Watercolor - Watercolor: Hand Inked Characters with Watercolor Background and Accents on Paper

A very smooth transaction. Robbie was easy to work with and was a good advocate on behalf of both the seller (me) and buyer. The process of selling was simple, the transaction went through quickly and payment was fast. All around very pleased with working with Robbie and ArtBrokerage and I plan to do so in the future.

Seller WH in United States / CO

Itzchak Tarkay - Unspoken Thoughts I 1992 - Limited Edition Print: Serigraph in Color

Helen T. was very easy to work with. She kept me informed throughout the entire process. This was my second sale with Art Brokerage in the past month and their process is well defined and their staff is very professional.

Seller SS in United States / AZ

Agudelo-Botero Orlando (Orlando A.B.) - Minerva 1985 - Limited Edition Print: Serigraph on Hand Made Japanese Rice Paper

Robbie with Art BROKERAGE, was great working with me through the process of selling my art. Because the sale was occurring during the summer months there where many weeks when I was away and unable to respond. But thankfully she was able to hold my hand through the process. Robbie was very professional and easy to work with. I know that without her help, this sale probably would not have happened! Many thanks, D.S.

Seller DS in United States / AZ

Robert Wyland - Shark Mirror 1998 20 in - Sculpture: Bronze Sculpture

Robbie, Thank you for your time and effort in the selling of my Wyland piece.

Seller JK in United States / OR

Tom Everhart - Home Dreams Suite: Girlfriend Dreams 2012 - Limited Edition Print: Mixed Media Print on Deckled Edge

I recently purchased a Tom Everhart print from Art Brokerage (Helen T). At first I was a bit nervous buying such a large investment online with a company I was not familiar with but the transaction went very smoothly. I received my art in a reasonable time frame and was notified of the process the whole time. If I need anything from them again I would not hesitate.

Buyer LW in United States / IL

Howard Behrens - California Shores 2001 Embellished - Limited Edition Print: Embellished Lithograph on Canvas

Leonard.Yes, it was delivered this afternoon, and I am very happy to accept the art. Overall, I appreciate your service very much, it was very satisfactory transaction. Your handling of the transaction has been very professional and punctual.

Buyer TM in United States / CA

Salvador Dali - Judgement 1980 - Limited Edition Print: Hand Colored Etching

Leonard , Thank You so much for your help. It has been wonderful working with you to facilitate this transaction.

Buyer GH in United States / FL

Peter Max - Two Hearts Acrylic Sculpture 2017 13 in - Sculpture: Acrylic Sculpture With Acrylic Paint

Thank you Art Brokerage! Just completed our second acquisition through Art Brokerage. Thank you to the original purchasers who listed their wonderful pieces with Art Brokerage and who have now shared their acquisitions with us. We are absolutely thrilled. The process was easy to navigate end-to-end. Leonard, our Fine Art Broker with Art Brokerage kept us informed through timely and pertinent communications. Incredibly fast, safe shipping. We highly recommend the service.

Buyer WW in United States / VA