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Client information is private and confidential; we do not share, trade, or sell to anyone.

We work very hard to make sure our listings are accurate. If you see a problem with any listing on our site, please report it immediately.

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Donna Rose and Helen Margulis in Lajolla 2014
2013 Staff Meeting: Art Brokerage Staff L to R clockwise Heather Collins Marketing, Donna Rose CEO, Broker, Helen Margulis CFO
Art Brokerage CEO Donna Rose and artist Arthur Secunda, Scottsdale, AZ, May 2011.
Art Brokerage CEO Donna Rose and singer/songwriter Chrissy Lomax, Hawaii, January 2011
Art Brokerage Director Helen Margulis and the former Honorable Mayor Oscar Goodman at the opening of the Born and Raised Sports Bar in Las Vegas, Nevada, October, 2010.
Jim Dine receiving bathrobe from Tamarind Press director Marjorie Devon in Alberquerque.
Dave Hickey and Ed Ruscha on conference stage at Tamarind Press 50th Anniversary. Photo by Donna Rose.
Jim Dine and Ed Ruscha at Tamarind Press 50th Anniversary conference. Photo by Donna Rose.
Tamarind Press publishing founder June Wayne and Donna Rose founder of Art Brokerage. June passed away shortly after this event.
Helen Margulis and artist Michael Godard at the Blue Martini in Town Square, Las Vegas, NV, 2009.
Helen Margulis and Donna Rose from Art Brokerage Inc. with Christine McKeller, publisher and author of Devil's Valet. 702 TV Launch Party, Palms Hotel, June 2009, Cinevegas, Las Vegas.
Donna Rose at the Getty Museum in front of Ed Ruscha's "Ray of Light". 2007
Ed Moses and Donna Rose at Hamilton Press, Venice, California 2007.
Donna Rose, CEO Art Inc., artists Americo Makk, Aldo Luongo, and Gallery Director Cheryl Perkey at Makk Gallery, Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, 1995.
Andy Warhol's brother Paul Warhola and Donna Rose in NYC, 1991. In front of Paul Warhol's silkscreen portrait of Andy Warhol and Paul Warhola of the young Pennsylvania brothers.
Art Brokerage broker Jennifer Walker and "Sly" Sylvester Stallone at his opening show in Beverly Hills 1991.
Donna Rose Galleries, Sun Valley, Idaho, 1990. "Not a one horse gallery."
Art Brokerage founders Faustina "Tina" Fowler and Donna Rose in front of Donna Rose Galleries, Sun Valley Id. 1990
Artist Mark Kostabi and Kostabi Publisher Jennifer Walker, 1989.
Fritz Scholder and Donna Rose at Fritz' birthday party. Ramona Scholders' residence in Galisteo, New Mexico, 1989.
Shahrokh Rezvani, Donna Rose and Fritz Scholder at the Donna Rose Gallery, Main St., Sun Valley/Ketchum, Idaho, 1989. Shahrokh Rezvani is a an artist and master printmaker.
1989 Ed Ruscha chatting with Donna Rose in His Venice California Studio. Photo by Donna Rose.
Donna Rose Gallery. Yoko Ono and Donna at John Lennon's Press Conference, Sun Valley, Idaho, 1987.
Artist Colleen Ross, Brooke Sheilds, and Art Brokerage Broker Jennifer Walker, 1987
Actor and Director John Huston and Art Brokerage founder Faustina "Tina" Fowler, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 1986.
LeRoy neimams' 1984 Corvette, Palm Springs. Ca. Donna Rose CEO Art, Inc., Las Vegas 1985, Art Brokerage Inc.
Art Brokerage Senior Sales Staff Jennifer Walker and Peter Max circa 1980's
Artist LeRoy Neiman and Art Brokerage founder Faustina "Tina" Fowler, MGM Grand Gallery, MGM Casino, Las Vegas 1976.
Bronze Door Plaque from the Grand Gallery at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada 1976. The Gallery was owned by Donna Rose and Tina Fowler for 10 years.
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Art Brokerage is designed to make buying and selling art online safe and easy. We are based in Las Vegas and have been selling art on the internet since 1995. Our sales staff has more than 150 years of combined expertise, and our procedures for buying and selling art are proven safe, secure, and efficient for transactions of any size. Our mission is to offer a first class worldwide market place while maintaining your complete privacy.

Art Brokerage is here to take the uncertainty and risk out of purchasing art online. We are quite comfortable coordinating international transactions. Art Brokerage has long-standing, professional relationships with packaging and shipping companies worldwide. We welcome dealers, galleries, and private collectors to register securely and buy with us.

Donna Rose

Donna Rose founded Art Brokerage Inc. 34 years ago in 1983 in Las Vegas Nevada. Art Brokerage went online in 1994 during dial-up days and has since become the largest online secondary art market source for more than 4,000 artists. There are 117,000 members of the AB online art community.  Donna serves as CEO and oversees a staff of 12 on a 24/7 basis. Her background is in Art History, artist representative, magazine publishing, real estate and business development and website development and management. Her hobbies are golf, films, reading, and art forgery crime research and being an art expert witness. Email

Helen Margulis

Helen Margulis holds the office of CFO, and has been with Art Brokerage  since 1987. She has an extensive background in business, accounting and real estate. After selling over $15 million dollars of real estate in a year and a half on the west coast, Helen was asked to join Art Brokerage as the firms accountant and Operations manager. She rose quickly through the ranks to CFO, contributing to growing Art Brokerage into the preeminent artsales site on the internet. Helen's extensive knowledge of the panoramic photography market, including the works of Peter Lik and Michael P. A. combined with her expertise in Fine Art Glass, especially Dale Chihuly, make her an invaluable asset to Art Brokerage.

Jennifer Walker

Jennifer Walker joined Art Brokerage in 2010.  She received her minor in art from the East Carolina University School of Art and entered the MBA degree program at the University of New Orleans before becoming the National Vice President of Marketing and Sales for nine Hanson Galleries, where she worked for 30 years. Her experience in sales began in 1979 with Warhol and the Modern Masters, and she subsequently worked with American favorites in the 80s and 90s, including a 65-million dollar publishing campaign for Peter Max. She managed the debut show for Sylvester Stallone and a multi-gallery tour for Christo during the Umbrella Project, as well as hundreds of national exhibitions, auctions, and an international museum tour for Peter Max. From 1998-2008 she was on the board of the Carmel Art Festival, an annual fund raising event for youth art education. Jennifer is also an expert for the following artists. Dr Seuss, Frederick Hart Sculpture, Richard MacDonald Sculpture, Peter Max, Jamali, Anthony Hopkins, Tony Bennett, Sylvester Stallone, and Margaret Keane. email


Heather Collins

Heather Collins has been with Art Brokerage since January 2013. She holds an Associate degree of Nursing, where not only did she practice as a nurse for 18 years, she also held management, training and marketing positions. She specializes in George Rodrigue Blue Dog artwork and is located in the Southeast. If you are interested in selling or buying Blue Dog art or other native, Outsider artists, please email her at Heather also assists in the art listing and marketing for Art Brokerage. Heather's hobbies include playing golf, watching sports, reading, traveling and mostly enjoying time with her family. 

Danielle Margulis

Danielle Margulis has been with Art Brokerage, Inc since April 2014. She is the Executive Assistant to the CEO and CFO. Danielle began with the company as an Assistant Bookkeeper and she quickly proved to be invaluable to Art Brokerage after learning a bit about each and every aspect of the company website. Danielle is responsible for researching and adding new artists to the database, helps out with listings and also continues to help with the accounting side of the company. If you have an artist that you would like added to the database, please email

Rob Kinloch

Rob Kinloch received his degree in philosophy in 1994 which included study in the Philosophy of Art as well as Aesthetics.  As a former commodities futures trader he enjoys negotiating for buyers and sellers.  Rob has a wide international business background with expertise in price discovery and extensive experience in securities and public company disclosure. 

Rob has specific expertise with the following artists:  Yaacov Agam and Philippe Bertho and the sculptor Erte, as well as experience with musicians who also have art portfolios including Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia, John Lennon, Ronnie Wood, Miles Davis and other marine artists such as Wyland and Lassen.

Kevin Raphael Gallagher

Kevin Raphael Gallagher since 1988 has worked professionally as a, Fine Art Consultant, Gallery Director, Publisher, and Broker for over 28 years. Kevin has represented some of the world's leading artists and Fine Art Galleries. Starting with Martin Lawrence he as worked primarily in La Jolla, California and Las Vegas Nevada. He Studied Anthropology/Archaeology, and is also Trustee Emeritus of the California State University. 

Kevin specializes in artists: Peter Lik, Dr. Seuss,Tom Everhart, Peter Max, Erte, Bill Mack, Michael Godard, Kostabi, Alexandra Nechita, Markus Pierson, Erte, Norman Rockwell, Hiro Yamagata, Charles Fazzino, R.C. Gorman, Patrick Nagel, Max Papart, Agam, Vasarelli, Dino Rosin ,Jiang, Andy Warhol, LeRoy Neiman, Wyland.



Helen Tu

Helen Tu's professional experience spans the realms of investment management, art publishing, art acquisition and brokerage, fine retail galleries, live and online art auctions, and art collection management. Helen's area of expertise include European and American fine and decorative art, with market knowledge in modern and contemporary paintings, drawings, prints, and Disney fine art and animation.  Mandarin fluency in addition to her Spanish and French literacy enables her to work with collectors in US and abroad. Helen looks forward to personally working with you to acquire artwork that is relevant and complements your art collection's aesthetic. Helen is also a specialist in the work of artist Peter Max.

Leonard Panar

Over 30 years of experience in the Art Indusry as an Art Publisher, Gallery Owner, Regional Director. Three degrees from Columbia University:Art, Arts Analysis and Art Management.

Expert in Modern Master:Dali, Miro,Picasso. Matisse,Renoir. Pop Art:Warhol, Basquiat,Haring, Max. YBA: Kapoor,Damien Hirst,Marc Quinn. Dine, Jeff Koons, Stella. Contemporary:Mr Brainwash,Fairey, Banksey, Murakami, Robert Mars. If you art interested in buying or selling please contact me at: 

Kevin Frest

Kevin Frest has been a Fine Art Publisher, Artist Agent and Professional photographer for over 30 years.  He has been instrumental in the development and success of some of this generation's finest artists and sculptors. In the early 1980 he created Crystal Haze Studios in San Francisco.  Crystal Haze was a pioneering force in the re-emergence of etched glass as a popular artistic and decorative medium. Blending neon light with exquisite sand carved crystal a new medium was born.  Kevin collaborated with the "Father of Art Deco" ERTE to introduce to the art market the Erte Luminaires.

Throughout his career he has represented successful artists and publishing companies.  Collaborating with Caldwell Snyder to promote Thomas Pradzynski. Publishing Spanish Master Royo, later he was a key collaborator with the Chase Group launching Mackenzie Thorpe, Markus Pierson and the Art of Dr. Seuss. 

To round out his experiences He has recently spent time in SoHo and East Village galleries in New York City.  He is fascinated by the emergence of the street art and graffiti movements and meeting the artists and is becoming an expert in this new, exciting and growing area of the art market.

"My long and varied history gives me a unique perspective and knowledge of the market.  I strive to help collectors and artists navigate the complicated   and fascinating world of fine art."

Robbie Reddy

During her career as a Fine Art Consultant, Gallery Director and Art Broker, Robbie Reddy’s goal has always been to develop relationships of trust with her clients - guiding them in building valuable and aesthetically balanced art collections.   As Director of the publisher-owned Art of Dr. Seuss Gallery, Robbie developed particular expertise in the Secret Art of Dr. Seuss.  As a decade long Seuss collector, her enthusiasm for the art is infectious.  She uses her extensive knowledge to help her clients acquire the right artwork, at the right time, for the right price.  She has represented the works of many contemporary artists, notably Rodrigue Blue Dog, Mackenzie Thorpe, Sebastian Kruger and Peter Max along with modern masters including Picasso, Miro, Dali and Chagall. A talented studio artist, Robbie is intimately familiar with fine art mediums and reproduction methods.  From her early career in marketing and advertising through present day, Robbie’s passion for great art and design, combined with her superb client service skills, have been the hallmarks of her 30-year professional career.   Contact:



Walt Huckins

Walt has a formal background and education in architecture (both in theory and practice) and art history. He began collecting Pop Art in the early 80s and was very fortunate to meet many of the Great Artists in that time period. Walt has additionally managed galleries for over 20 years and has a true passion and love for art of all types. "I can think of no better way to treat yourself than with A GREAT PIECE OF ART". Art Brokerage allows you collect Great Artwork at Great Pricing, Love It, Enjoy It, Share It, Trade Up -

Thank You for sharing Great Art with me!