Selling Art

Selling Art

Free listings and no seller fees, just give us your best secondary price.

  • Selling Fine Art Online
  • Selling fine art online

    Art Brokerage is an online platform designed to make selling art safe, easy and fun! We are a Nevada company and have been in the business of selling fine art since 1983, and online since 1995. In addition to our rich history, we have experienced international Fine Art Brokers on staff who bring hundreds of years of combined expertise to the trade. Our brokers ensure our process for selling art online is proven, secure, and efficient for transactions of any size. Art Brokerage welcomes dealers, artists, galleries, and private collectors to register securely and list with us. We are especially interested in assisting dealers who are retiring, liquidating or closing their galleries, as well as collectors looking to upgrade their collections. We are the original brokerage site and take great pride in being the most experienced and trusted secondary art market on the web!

  • We offer real international exposure
  • We offer real international exposure

    Our website is viewed globally by over 400,000 people a month. In addition to thousands of international artist pages and hundreds of thousands of users, we actively promote on our social media and publish a daily newsletter to provide maximum exposure.

    Listings with quality photos and a fair secondary market price have the best chance of being featured.

    Our site is highly ranked in search engines and is indexed frequently to ensure your free listings receive maximum international exposure.

Seller's golden rules

In order for us to provide the best experience possible, we ask that you read and follow these common courtesy guidelines before submitting a listing to

  1. Research the fair resale market value and price your art work competitively. A realistic net price will inspire an offer.
  2. Please respond to all correspondence in a timely manner. Sellers who fail to respond may have their listings removed.
  3. Do your best to provide all of requested information when submitting a new listing.
  4. Please provide at least 5 high quality photos for your listing. Photos should be taken with a modern mobile phone or camera capable of taking high resolution photos. We strongly suggest taking your photos outside in natural light. Complete and accurate listings with multiple high quality photos will be approved immediately by our listing staff. View example photos.
  5. Complete your listing submission in a timely manner once you've started the process - don't drag it out for weeks. This lets us know you're serious about making a sale!
  • Selling Fine Art Online
  • Free listings and no seller fees

    Our business model

    By listing with Art Brokerage, you agree to list exclusively with our site for a period of 120 days. You reserve the right to sell your art privately during this time period. After 120 days, you may list your art elsewhere and maintain your listing here with the understanding we retain the right to sell your art as long as it's listed. For the best results, we recommend listing your art exclusively with Art Brokerage until it is sold. We discourage posting your listings on other sites while listing your art with us, as this only causes confusion for potential buyers. You may remove your listing from our site with no notice at any time. Please do not list unless you intend to sell, and make sure to let us know if you sell your art or list it elsewhere!

    Payment Options

    We offer a variety of payment options for our sellers.

    • Company check via USPS - No Charge
    • Company e-check via email - No Charge
    • Company check via UPS 2nd Day Air - $30.00 debited from net
    • Company check via UPS Overnight - $50.00 debited from net
    • Bank Wire - $30.00 debited from net
    • ACH Payment - $10.00 debited from net

How to create a listing

  • Create an account

    1. Create an account

    Create a FREE account or login if you're already a member. Remember, we never sell or share your information and always protect your privacy!

  • Create a listing

    2. Create a listing

    Create a free listing and provide all of the requested information. The sale of your artwork depends heavily on you providing quality photos and accurate descriptions. View example photos.

  • Review your listing

    3. Review your listing

    Once you've reached the final step, review your listing and make any necessary changes before hitting submit.

  • Wait for approval

    4. Wait for approval

    Our brokers will review your listing and follow up via email to grant approval or denial within 24-48 hours. If you haven't heard from us 48 hours after submitting your listing, please log in and check for messages in the Pending Listings section of your dashboard.

  • What happens next?

    1. If approved, your listing will be added to our site and eligible to start receiving offers.
    2. When an offer or inquiry is made about your listing, we will contact you ASAP via email or phone. Please make sure to keep your contact information up to date, so we can quickly reach you.
    3. Once a price has been negotiated and agreed upon by both parties, we will securely collect and hold the buyer's payment.
    4. HASSLE FREE SHIPPING - We assist you. One of our experienced Fine Art Brokers will work with you to ensure that your artwork has been packed and shipped properly. If you require special assistance, just ask!
    5. The buyer will have 72 hours to inspect and approve the purchase once it has been delivered. We encourage buyers to complete this step immediately upon delivery.
    6. Once approved by the buyer, we will release the buyer's funds to you within 7 business days.

    For questions about our return policy, please visit the returns section.

    Notice Occasionally a sale fails, and when it does, we give it our best effort, but we cannot force sellers to sell, or buyers to buy.

  • What Happens Next

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden fees or costs associated with listing my artwork for sale?

There are absolutely no fees to list and no commissions.

How does Art Brokerage make a profit?

We mark up each listing based on the net price provided & the fair secondary market value. Asking prices are set at our complete discretion.

Who decides if a price is displayed for a listing on

Whether a price is displayed or not is at the complete discretion of our staff.

Who pays for the packing and/or crating costs after a purchase has been made?

Sellers are responsible for all professional packing and/or crating costs. Buyers are responsible for all shipping/reshipping and insurance costs, as well as applicable customs duties or taxes or country VATS.

Who sets the prices for listings on

Sellers set their NET price, while the true secondary market value sets the buy price.

What if my artwork has authenticity issues?

If a work has authenticity issues and needs to be looked at by a 3rd party or expert, please let us know before the sale.

What if I'm listing high value artwork that needs special attention?

We may allow extra time to for authentication depending on the circumstances and value of the artwork. Your broker will work with you if your listing has any special issues or requires special terms.

Art Brokerages' privacy policy is and has always been to keep our sellers' information private. However, as a seller you have the obligation to represent that the art is authentic and to represent the factual condition of your art. If a buyer returns your art due to finding the art is not authentic, or condition is not as represented, the seller is responsible to return all funds to Art Brokerage. Art Brokerage will refund the buyer and return said art to seller. If seller refuses to refund Art Brokerage, then our privacy policy shall be null and void and the seller's contact information will be provided to the buyer so the buyer may take appropriate action against the seller as deemed necessary.

  • Our Commitment

    Our mission since 1983 is to be the best international and domestic secondary art marketplace, while maintaining your complete privacy and removing any risk or uncertainty from the process.

  • Privacy Policy

    Client information is private and confidential; we do not share, trade, or sell to anyone ever. We work very hard to make sure our listings are accurate. If you see a problem with any listing on our site, please report it immediately.

    Terms and Conditions
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Need Help?

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