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Client information is private and confidential; we do not share, trade, or sell to anyone.

We work very hard to make sure our listings are accurate. If you see a problem with any listing on our site, please report it immediately.

Terms and Conditions


Art Brokerage was designed to make selling art online safe and easy. Our sales staff has more than 200 years of combined expertise in the art business. We are based in Las Vegas and have been selling fine art since 1983 (online since 1994). This is our 35th Anniversary. Our procedures for buying and selling are proven safe, secure, and efficient for transactions of any size. Our mission is to offer a first class worldwide secondary art market place while maintaining your complete privacy. Our mission is to take the uncertainty and risk and hassle out of the process for you. We welcome dealers, galleries, and private collectors to register securely and list with us. We especially like to assist dealers who are liquidating or closing their galleries.

  1. Overpriced listings will be removed after 6 months and moved to archive. We ask the sellers to lower the price to reflect the resale secondary market. We cannot avail our staff to unrealistic sellers. If you are not a serious and motivated seller please do not list.
  2. Sellers who do not respond to our emails and calls in a timely manner will have their listings removed. Please let us know what is going on with your art. Be courteous and keep your listings up to date. Try to get a well priced tag on your listing.


Our website is viewed internationally by more than 400,000 people a month. In addition to our 4,351 international artist pages and 146,866 members, we have active Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter accounts and our daily emailer to help promote your listings. Well-priced and Steal This listings with quality photos for top artists may also be featured in our daily email campaigns or in our International Art News Blog, Pinterest or Instagram. Google indexes our website frequently and gives our site high ranking and gives your listings the maximum international exposure.


There are no fees to list and no commissions.
Just post your net price. We mark it up approximately 30% to negotiate to get you your asking price and still make a profit. Please research the fair resale market value and price your art work competitively. A realistic net price will inspire an offer. Currently more net prices are being added daily as we are performing a constant site housecleaning. Prices showing or not, is at our complete discretion. Well Priced or Steal This will attract attention and get a buyer’s interest.

Sellers are responsible for all professional packing and/or crating costs. Collectors/Buyers are responsible for all shipping/reshipping and insurance costs, and applicable customs duties or taxes or country VATS.

By listing with Art Brokerage you agree to list exclusively with our site for a period of 120 days. You reserve the right to sell your art privately during this time period. After 120 days you may list your art elsewhere, and maintain your listing here with the understanding we retain the right to sell your art as long as it is listed. For the best results we recommend listing your art exclusively with Art Brokerage until it is sold. Multiple Listings on other sites tends to confuse buyers so we do not recommend it. If you do this, we may remove your listings. You may remove your listing from our site with no notice at any time. But please do not list unless you intend to sell. Please tell us if you sell your art or list it elsewhere. We work hard for you.

Art Brokerage makes a profit by attending to the immediate needs of sellers. All Net Prices are set by sellers. The buying prices are set by the secondary market buying public. There are many choices so be competitive and realistic.

Art Brokerage was the first secondary market website, since 1994 and is the oldest and most trusted. Be realistic in your pricing. Overpriced listings with bad photos might be declined. Please tell us upfront if you are trying to comp your own artwork. Please do not submit multiple requests when trying to price your art. We will give you a range. A good listing gets good results. For listing help and tech/password questions email For listing and price range questions email


  1. Register securely with It's free and allows you full access to buy, sell, create watchlists, sign up for email alerts, receive our mailers and browse our many resources. We never share your private personal info.we do not call you unless we have an offer or a serious question. We do not call you unless we have an offer.
  2. Login to your account and navigate to the Create Listing Page.
  3. Follow the directions and provide ALL of the information and photos requested. The sale of your artwork depends on the accuracy and quality of your photos and description. Please take good close photos with a new iphone 6-10 or Samsung. For more information please see our listing/photo guide. Use a good iphone and get close to your art, preferably outside in natural light.

Complete accurate listings with multiple iPhone quality photos will sell more quickly and will be approved immediately by our listing staff. Incomplete or inaccurate, overpriced listings with poor quality photos do not sell and will not be approved. The might be declined. You may re-submit your listing once this criteria is resolved. Once you start a listing, please complete it in a timely manner so that we do not have to chase you for information.

Art Brokerage will contact you by email and approve your listing within 24-48 hours if you have provided all the information and photos to our satisfaction. In 48 hours, if your listing is not posted and have not received an email from our staff, please login to your account to check the status of your listing.


  1. When a buyer purchases, makes an offer, or asks a question, our staff will contact you by email or phone. We monitor incoming offers and inquiries 24/7 and will notify you immediately when there is interest. Please be sure to keep your contact information up to date, it's important that we can reach you quickly when a buyer makes an offer. Please keep your info up to date.
  2. Our brokers will work with both parties to facilitate a sale. When a price has been negotiated and agreed upon, Art Brokerage will collect and secure the funds from the buyer. We will then assist the seller with packing and shipping the art. Each transaction is unique and will be handled personally by one of our experienced art brokers. We are your personal art concierge.
  3. Collectors/Buyers are requested to open and inspect the artwork immediately upon receipt. When the buyer has approved the purchase, Art Brokerage will release funds to the seller within 7 business days. For questions about our return policy please read claims, returns, and misrepresentation. This seldom happens as most information is checked for accuracy and the art is professionally packed. If it does happen we resolve it quickly.