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Client information is private and confidential; we do not share, trade, or sell to anyone.

We work very hard to make sure our listings are accurate. If you see a problem with any listing on our site, please report it immediately.

Terms and Conditions


First and foremost, provide quality photos and complete / accurate information in your listings. Complete and accurate listings with quality photos will solicit offers instead of being ignored by buyers. Listings with poor quality photos do not generate offers. Nor will they be considered for our Facebook page, international email campaigns, or Favorites blog.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of providing quality photos of the actual artwork you are selling. Stock photos from the internet are not sufficient for a buyer who's considering making an offer of $5,000 or $50,000. Think about what you would want to see if you were interested in purchasing a high value work of art.

Follow the directions on the listing form carefully. As you move through each section of the form, you will see a pop-up window detailing exactly what you need to do for that section. Please read the pop-up windows, make the appropriate dropdown selections, and provide as many details as possible in the corresponding text boxes.

Listing art is not like listing electronics for sale on eBay. Buyers want to know all of the details about your artwork before they consider making an offer. Our listing form is a product of 15 years worth of experience buying and selling on the internet. For the best results please follow the directions carefully, and provide the information to the best of your ability.

If you do not know what you're listing, please do not enter it into our database. Take it to a local gallery or expert for advice. Art Brokerage does not have a research staff for sellers. Listing mistakes can be costly for sellers if the buyer rejects a transaction because of misinformation. Please read claims, returns, and misrepresentation. for more information. If you don't know what your art is worth, please do not ask us. We are brokers, not appraisers. We do not provide pricing assistance for legal reasons. Please do not ask us what a similar item sold for. We do not disclose sales information to anyone for any reason.


Track how many times your listings have been viewed by logging in to your member homepage. If your listings seem to be generating a healthy number of views but few offers, you may want to consider adjusting the asking price or providing higher quality photos. For the best results, please keep your art listed exclusively with Art Brokerage until it is sold. Please keep your listings and contact information up to date. Please make sure to provide at least 2 phone numbers and 2 emails if possible. Outdated prices, disconnected phone numbers, and bounced emails are frustrating for buyers and do not result in sales. If your listing was declined for approval you will receive an email from our staff and there will be a note next to the listing in your account explaining why and what you need to do next. Art Brokerage reserves the right to refuse any listing for any reason with no comment.



Each listing should have at least 4 photos, preferably taken outside in natural light. Modern smart phones are capable of taking high quality / high resolution photos. If it is a high value listing, you may want to consider hiring a professional photographer.


For framed artwork, submit photographs of the entire front and back (verso), showing the entire work, from as close as you can get without losing the edges of the frame. Close-ups of the signature and numbering if applicable are necessary. A close up of the frame corner is essential. Additional detail photos always help to sell.


For unframed work, submit photographs of the entire front and back (verso) showing the entire work past the edges of the paper. Close-ups of the signature, numbering, date, printers chop marks are necessary. These details help sell the artwork.


For sculpture: optimal photos would be taken outside on a raised table, taken from 4 different views. Close-up of foundry marks, stamps, signatures are necessary. Detailed close-ups help to sell the work. Shoot at eye level, not downward.


Photos which include people or pets; bad lighting, glare, shooting sideways to avoid the glare, distractions in the background, or images out of focus.