"Basquiat Butterfly Acrylic Sculpture 2019 12x12" by Ashley Longshore - 🔥Acrylic Sculpture - Inquire
Basquiat Butterfly Acrylic Sculpture 2019 12x12 Sculpture by Ashley Longshore
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Basquiat Butterfly Acrylic Sculpture 2019 12x12 Sculpture by Ashley Longshore - 0
Basquiat Butterfly Acrylic Sculpture 2019 12x12 Sculpture by Ashley Longshore - 1
Basquiat Butterfly Acrylic Sculpture 2019 12x12 Sculpture by Ashley Longshore - 2
Basquiat Butterfly Acrylic Sculpture 2019 12x12 Sculpture by Ashley Longshore - 3
Basquiat Butterfly Acrylic Sculpture 2019 12x12 Sculpture by Ashley Longshore - 4
Basquiat Butterfly Acrylic Sculpture 2019 12x12 Sculpture by Ashley Longshore - 5

Basquiat Butterfly Acrylic Sculpture 2019 12x12

Ashley Longshore

Sculpture : Acrylic
Size : 12x12 x2 in  |  30x30 x5 cm
Edition : Original

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Hand SignedOn Side 

Condition Excellent 

Purchased fromArtist 2020 

Story / Additional InfoPurchased directly from the artist in 2019. Original owner. 

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Ashley Longshore - United States

Art Brokerage: Ashley Longshore American Artist: Sarah Ashley Longshore (popularly known as Ashley Longshore) is a Louisiana-based painter, gallery owner and entrepreneur. Longshore's art focuses on pop culture, Hollywood glamour, and American consumerism and has been compared to the artwork of Andy Warhol. art focuses on pop culture, Hollywood glamour, and American consumerism and has been compared to the artwork of Andy Warhol. Her work has been featured in magazines in both the United States and countries around the world including; Switzerland, Belgium, Japan and Australia where collectors have begun to acquire her unique pieces. She has been recognized as a "modern Andrea Warhol" by the New York Post, and was on Brit + Co’s list of "16 Female Artists You Should Know." While a student at the University of Montana, Longshore took a semester off to paint. She put together a portfolio and began showing her work to galleries around Missoula, Montana. Her first art show was at a small town gallery. In 2011, Longshore’s artwork was featured in the film Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1. Longshore’s art has been exhibited in America and Europe. Her work has been featured in magazines such as Forbes, Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire Belgium, Elle Décor Belgium, Vie Magazine, SPUR, Hollywood Reporter and Matchbook Magazine. Art New Orleans featured a Longshore painting on the cover of its Spring 2013 issue and Vie Magazine featured her art on the cover of its May 2013 issue. In 2014, Longshore announced a collaboration with friend and long-time client Blake Lively for Lively's lifestyle e-commerce site Preserve. In fall 2015, Longshore debuted a collection of satirical fashion portraits during New York Fashion Week. She became the first artist to secure a collaboration with the Bryant Park Hotel with a Longshore-designed suite featuring the collection of seven bold portraits of iconic names in fashion.

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Wanted: Ashley Longshore

Original Painting: Acrylic on Canvas


Wanted: Ashley Longshore

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Wanted: Ashley Longshore

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas


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