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    Art Brokerage: Bernard Berthois-Rigal French Artist: b. 1937. Bernard Berthois-Rigal was born in 1927 in Paris. His style can be described as a cross between surrealism and fantastic realism. His creations are amalgams of found objects and rich pigments which conjure up a make-believe world of Byzantine elegance. Berthois-Rigal began painting at the age of 28, in 1955, without any formal training. He abandoned his artistic career in 1960. Some 12 years later, he resumed painting after one of his paintings was honored and chosen by UNICEF for a greeting card. The following year he held his first exhibition, in Rome. Berthois-Rigal employs a remarkable technique that he has developed in is work using tissue paper, watercolors, gouache, India ink, and in his own terms, "recovery of waste materials."Partial List of Exhibitions and Museums: Ingres Museum, Montaubanrn Museum of Modern Art, City of Parisrn Alphonse Chave Gallery, VencernLe Scribe Gallery, MontaubanrnGalerie Francaise, Saavebruck and Munich, West Germany Group Exhibition, "Arts en Yvelines" at the Orangerie, Chateau de Versailles Graphica Gallery, Tokyo Japan The Seine Gallery, Paris Society I.M.P. of Brussels Salon de Mai, Cardin Room, ParisrnSalon de Mai, Brand Palais, Paris Stafor Foundation, The Municipal Gallery, Nancy, France Gallery, Paris Nahan gallery, Protee, Galleries, New Orleans, New York. Listings wanted.

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Il Sont La Limited Edition Print - Bernard Berthois-Rigal

Bernard Berthois-Rigal

Il Sont La

Limited Edition Print: Lithograph, Hand Signed, From the edition of 135

Size: 21x15 in  | 53x38 cm
🔥Framed Limited Edition Lithograph - A Steal
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