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    Art Brokerage: Park West Artist: Bernard Louedin French Artist: b. 1938. Painter, sculptor, illustrator and engraver, Bernard Louedin was born in Rennes, France in 1938. He began his artistic career at a very young age and rubbed shoulders with artists such as Pierres Gilles, Xavier de Langlais and Roger Chapelain-Midy. Bernard Louedin's immense talent was noticed from his first exhibition in 1963 in Rennes. The latter is just the beginning of a long list of solo exhibitions. His influences range successively from Greco to the Post-Cubist School, but his interest in the line is inscribed, from 1967, in a more dreamlike and poetic approach whose sources are Flemish and Germanic. Bernard Louedin plays with painting as he takes pleasure in describing his imagination, making metaphor his favorite expression. Endowed with a rigor and an incredible technical requirement, the precision of the details surprises the eye. He holds the wonderful power to make visible the impossible where the pleasure of the concrete is adorned with the supernatural. A surrealist painter, Bernard Louedin upsets reality, thanks to the unexpected of his perspectives, his compositions full of spells and illusions, which are true wonders of reflections and dreams transmitted with ease and poetry. Listings wanted.

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Les Champignons 2018 21x19 Original Painting - Bernard Louedin

Bernard Louedin

Les Champignons 2018 21x19

Original Painting: Oil on Wood, Hand Signed

Size: 11x9 in  | 28x23 cm
馃敟Fabulous Ornately Framed Abstract Oil on Wood - Inquire Perfect in a farmhouse
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