"Untitled Abstract 1987 36x26" by David Blackburn - 🔥1987 Framed Pastel
Untitled Abstract 1987 36x26 Original Painting by David Blackburn
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Untitled Abstract 1987 36x26 Original Painting by David Blackburn - 0
Untitled Abstract 1987 36x26 Original Painting by David Blackburn - 1
Untitled Abstract 1987 36x26 Original Painting by David Blackburn - 2
Untitled Abstract 1987 36x26 Original Painting by David Blackburn - 3

Untitled Abstract 1987 36x26

David Blackburn

Original Painting : Pastel on Paper
Size : 25x20 in  |  64x51 cm
Framed : 35.5x25.5 in  |  90x65 cm

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Hand SignedLower Right 

Condition Excellent 

Framed with PlexiglassCustom Black Frame w/ White Mat 

Purchased fromPrivate Collector 2009 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 

Additional InformationBritish Artist 


David Blackburn - United Kingdom

Art Brokerage: David Blackburn British Artist: b. 1939-2016. David Blackburn MBE (1939 - 2016) was a British artist who worked almost exclusively in pastels. Born in Huddersfield, he was noted for his highly evocative semi-abstracted depictions of the Yorkshire landscape. Blackburn studied at the Huddersfield School of Art and then the Royal College of Art, London. After leaving college, Blackburn travelled to Germany, France and Italy for a year before accepting a position at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. During his time in Australia, he was deeply affected by the work of Fred Williams, who helped him develop an understanding of space away from the “European concept of foreground, middle distance and background”, which he increasingly regarded as irrelevant. In 1981, Blackburn took up a position as a Visiting Professor at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. At this time he became influenced by the vertical perspectives of the American cityscape, and began to experiment with electronic imagery and collage techniques. However, after this short period of experimentation, Blackburn realized that his “inner life was based in the natural world, not the city”, and subsequently embarked on a complex and long-running sequence of transcendent pastel drawings known as the ‘Landscape Vision’ series. Listings wanted.

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