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    Art Brokerage: Edward Gordon American Artist: b. 1940. Edward Gordon was born in Ocean City, New Jersey in 1940 and received a BA from Rutgers University. Over the past 20 years he has received numerous honors and awards including: Cover art and feature article in The Artist's Magazine, July 2003 and winner of The Artists Magazine, May, 1995 Cover Competition. Cover art and center spread, Yankee Magazine, March 2000 and March 2001. Edward's work appears in the 2001 The Artist's Illustrated Encyclopedia. He also won first prize in the landscape division of The Artists Magazine 1993 art competition, and finalist in the 1994 Arts for the Parks competition. Edward was named Painter of the Year by the Spotlight Magazine's 1997/98 Reader's Choice Awards in Portsmouth, NM. Gordon's work has also appeared in the November, 1983 American Artist Magazine, the 1996 North Light book, Enliven Your Paintings with Light, the 1996 North Light book, Artist's Materials, and the January, 1997. In 1997 Mr. Gordon began publishing his own giclée prints. His paintings and prints are included in private and public collections across North America and Europe. Edward achieves complete and painstaking precision in his rendering of textures, colors and forms. Like photography he deliberately softens the strong contrasts of the picture without blurring the forms. He mellows the outline drawing with such perfection that it becomes impossible to detect his under drawings. Edward creates a quiet beauty of a simple scene with fresh eyes giving the viewer an idea of what he felt as he watched the light flooding through the windows and the shadows and colors cast by objects in the interiors. Because of the precision and incredible detail contained in each of Edward's paintings, he is able to produce only 4 to 6 images per year. He is a consummate draftsman with a keen eye depicting his subject matters. His solitude evokes all of one's senses: the smell and sounds of the ocean, the touch of objects, with doors and windows opening to never-ending opportunities. Original paintings wanted.

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Music Room II 2005 Limited Edition Print - Edward Gordon

Edward Gordon

Music Room II 2005

Limited Edition Print: Giclee on Canvas, Hand Signed, From the Edition of 298

Size: 33x38 in  | 84x97 cm
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Music Room II 2005 Limited Edition Print - Edward Gordon

Edward Gordon

Music Room II 2005

Limited Edition Print: Giclee on Canvas, Hand Signed, From the Edition of 295

Size: 33x40 in  | 84x102 cm
🔥Framed Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas - A Steal - Inquire - 9 Watchers
10 Watchers
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Ballroom 1999 Embellished Limited Edition Print - Edward Gordon

Edward Gordon

Ballroom 1999 Embellished

Limited Edition Print: Giclee on Canvas, Hand Embellished, Hand Signed, From the Edition of 470

Size: 20x20 in  | 51x51 cm
🔥 Framed Limited Edition Embellished Giclee on Canvas
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Still Waters AP Limited Edition Print - Edward Gordon

Edward Gordon

Still Waters AP

Limited Edition Print: Giclee, Hand Signed, From the AP Edition of 40

Size: 30x23 in  | 76x58 cm
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Wanted: Edward Gordon

interested in Ballroom, hand embellished


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