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    Art Brokerage: Hans Erni Swiss Artist: b. 1909-2015. He is a Swiss painter, designer and sculptor. Born in 1909 in Lucerne, Switzerland, Hans Erni studied to become a professional artist at the School of Arts and Crafts in Lucerne from 1927 to 1928 and at the Académie Julian from 1928 to 1929. Erni's style was influenced by that of Picasso and Georges Braque, and Erni is often referred to as The Swiss Picasso. The artist's prolific career reached new heights in 1979 when the Hans Erni Museum was inaugurated in the town where he was born, situated on the grounds of the Swiss Museum of Transport. The museum contains the largest collection of Erni's artwork in the world. The artist is still alive today, and celebrated his 100th birthday in 2009. Sadly, the artist died March of 2015. Listings wanted.

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Untitled (Equus) 1954 Limited Edition Print - Hans Erni

Hans Erni

Untitled (Equus) 1954

Limited Edition Print: Aquatint Etching, Hand Signed, From the edition of 150

Size: 21x17 in  | 53x43 cm
🔥Framed Limited Edition Aquatint Etching
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World Communications Year 1983 Limited Edition Print - Hans Erni

Hans Erni

World Communications Year 1983

Limited Edition Print: Lithograph on 100% Pure Rag Exeter Neutral Ph Paper, Hand Signed, From the Edition of 1000

Size: 11x9 in  | 28x22 cm
🔥1983 Limited Edition Lithograph - Inquire
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Bacchanal in Moisson (Die Ernte) 1954 Limited Edition Print - Hans Erni

Hans Erni

Bacchanal in Moisson (Die Ernte) 1954

Limited Edition Print: Lithograph, Hand Signed, From the edition of 200

Size: 21x26 in  | 53x66 cm
🔥Framed Hand Signed Lithograph
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